cellulite on the legs

Cellulite Removal Options: What Works, What Doesn’t

Cellulite is one of the most common aesthetic concerns among women of all ages, and while many products and procedures advertise their remarkable results in combating the condition, few live up to their promises. We asked five board-certified skin care specialists which cellulite removal treatments they believe to be the most effective – and which … Read more

woman smiling with dimples

Dimple Surgery: Risks, Recovery, Before & Afters, and Cost

Wish you had a pair of dimples on your face, but detest the ones on your butt? You’re not alone. Love them or hate them, dimples matter. Cheek dimples can light up a smile (think Miranda Kerr, Bar Rafaeli, and Princess Kate Middleton), and if you weren’t lucky enough to be born with them, there’s a … Read more


Cellfina: Review, Before and After, Side Effects, and Cost

As many as 98% of American women will develop cellulite over the course of their lives. Cellfina is a minimally-invasive treatment that attacks the root causes of cellulite. Cellfina has a high level of patient satisfaction in treating cellulite with results lasting 2-4 years. Cellulite is a skin condition characterized by dimpling of the skin, … Read more

Does FasciaBlaster Work

Does the Fascia Blaster Work? Doctors Review this ‘Miracle Cellulite Treatment’

The Fascia Blaster is a handheld device that claims to roll away cellulite while easing muscle pain. Doctors have mixed opinions on the device, but most agree that it’s not an effective way to treat cellulite. The Fascia Blaster may be an affordable and simple way to treat muscle pain, joint pain, and general aches. … Read more


Can Endermologie Lipomassage Get Rid of Fat and Cellulite?

According to The American Academy of Dermatology, cellulite is the body’s way of storing excess fat to ensure women have enough energy reserves during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Connective tissue is oriented in a crisscross manner, which is why this type of fat shows up in irregular, distinct lumps. Unfortunately, it’s a type of fat that … Read more

Can Cellfina Spell the End of Cellulite?

Slimming oils, smoothing creams, body wraps and at-home massaging devices generate massive revenues. Yet, the sad fact is that none of these interventions has been proven to truly banish cellulite. Enter Cellfina. According to clinical studies and patient testimonials, this minimally invasive, in-office medical treatment reduces the appearance of lumpy skin for up to three … Read more

5 Popular Cosmetic Procedures for a Bikini-Ready Body

As the temperatures rise and layers of clothing are shed, many men and women are taking a hard look at themselves in the mirror and deciding that they’re due for a little tune-up. Summer is also the best time of the year to get work done if you don’t want to be conspicuously absent from … Read more