led facial treatment

Shedding Light on LED Facials: Do They Really Work?

If you follow any celebrities on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across a picture of an LED treatment before. You know, that strange-looking mask that retails for about $2,000? That’s it. Perhaps you’ve thought of trying one of the many at-home handheld devices, such as the Quasar MD Plus that Kim Kardashian uses  –apparently, she’s … Read more

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Spironolactone for Hair Loss: Side Effects, Does It Work, and Alternatives

Concerns have been raised over the risks associated with spironolactone, an androgen blocker that can be used to treat female pattern baldness. We researched this popular treatment to find out more about its effectiveness and potential side effects. If you suffer from female pattern hair loss or telogen effluvium, you’ve probably tried using over-the-counter treatments, and may have even … Read more


Does Rogaine Work? Review, Before and After, Side Effects, and Results

What is Rogaine (minoxidil)? Minoxidil was initially used to treat high blood pressure until it was discovered that a side effect of the medication is its ability to stimulate new hair growth. This compound is the active ingredient in the popular hair loss treatment, Rogaine. Although the evidence is solid for Rogaine’s efficacy in preventing … Read more

Capillus Laser Cap

Capillus Laser Caps: Review, Cost, and Alternative Treatments

Low-level laser therapy is believed to promote hair growth, and several new hair-growth products using the technology are currently being sold. A company called Capillus claims that its low-level laser caps can effectively reverse hair loss while simultaneously increasing hair counts in just six minutes a day. There’s very little evidence to support the efficacy … Read more

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The Uses and Benefits of Zinc for Skin Care, Backed by Science

A small amount of dietary zinc is necessary for good health. Approximately 12% of the U.S. population is at risk for zinc deficiency. Zinc is effective at managing dandruff, warts, diaper rash, and preventing sun damage. Zinc is not as effective against acne, hair loss, eczema or psoriasis. Zinc has been touted in the media … Read more

laser liposuction

Laser Liposuction: Does It Work, Side Effects, and Cost

Liposuction is the top cosmetic surgery in the United States, with some 400,000 procedures performed every year on various parts of the body. Laser liposuction is one of several relatively new technologies that are now offered as a way to replace or enhance this classic body contouring procedure. Laser liposuction might seem like a great option on the surface. However, … Read more

Prevent Chest Wrinkles

How to Get Rid of Chest Wrinkles: 6 Effective Treatments for a Sun Damaged Cleavage

While historically difficult to get rid of, chest wrinkles are no longer impossible to treat thanks to recent advancements in technology. Second only to the face, the chest is one of the most susceptible areas of the body to wrinkles caused by sun damage and natural aging. With age, the body slows its collagen production, … Read more

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Hyaluronidase Injection Dissolves Fillers: Cost, Pictures, and Side Effects

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme present in products used to remove certain FDA approved facial fillers. It is injected under the skin to speed up the natural disintegration of hyaluronic acid, which is the active ingredient in some facial fillers. Patients that seek treatment with the hyaluronidase enzyme usually do so to eliminate or lessen the … Read more

Preventative Botox

Preventative Botox: Efficacy, Downsides, Safety, and Cost

Is an ounce of Botox worth a pound of wrinkle prevention? Experts are divided about whether preventative fillers can stop skin from wrinkling. Some studies suggest that pre-wrinkle Botox can help weaken the muscles over time, therefore lengthening the amount of time needed between treatments later on. Others believe that there’s no use in treating … Read more

strawberry legs

Can’t Bare Your Strawberry Legs? Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Strawberry legs are extremely common, affecting millions of people every year. The term “strawberry legs” is colloquial and generally describes darkened pores or small bumps at the site of each hair follicle. Home remedies may work, but in most cases, dermatologists recommend laser hair removal as the most efficient and only permanent solution. Every summer, … Read more