5 Hacks For Perfecting Your Makeup-Look For Photographs

Makeup in photographs

Most of us spend time checking out tips and hacks for photos from time to time, and they’re often great. The trouble is, things often get too complicated! Some tricks are easy to remember and put into practice, though. 

So, try using some of the tips below. It’s a basic know-how kind of stuff and a perfect way to prepare your ideas. Between these ideas and Facetune’s ultimate selfie guide for 2021, you’re bound to see your picture come to life! 

Avoid Caking

The camera lens catches things in a specific way, which tends to highlight or suppress things in a way our eyes don’t. It can exaggerate some effects while minimizing others. One of the things it exaggerates is the appearance of “cakeyness”. 

If you tend to slather on certain kinds of effects, it can become an issue for your pics. This is especially true of closer and more detailed pics. Going for a little more subtlety in the application of some kinds of makeup can really help this. 

Use Natural Light

Wherever possible, using the natural light that surrounds us is the better choice. There’s a certain general light in the natural environment that just can’t be mimicked by artificial lights. It will tend to give a softer and more total kind of lighting. 

This doesn’t mean you should never use indoor lighting; it just means that the rounder and more generous lighting of the sun is a better option. It doesn’t produce those sharper shadows and lines in the way a lamp does. 

Natural light

Bolder is Better

With everyday affairs, most of us tend to go gently on the colors. People move around us in the workaday world, getting a three-dimensional view of us from varying distances. This means that less is more, most of the time. 

However, with photos, things can be different. Because the pic is static, you get to select your angles and shades with far more specificity than you’d ever get in the real world. This also means you can go bolder for better looks! 

Don’t be afraid to have a try with something novel and inspiring. That’s what taking pics should be about, in the end. 

Let Your Authenticity Shine

For those of us who are blessed with freckles, they should be highlighted and celebrated in our pics! The same is true of all of our natural tones, whether they are common or a little unique. That’s what being ourselves means, doesn’t it?

Letting features like freckles shine through in our photos is a very genuine way of announcing ourselves proudly to the world! Who says we shouldn’t anyway? If the photo is about you, then let yourself be the thing that’s photographed. 

Shine with athenticity

Use Powders

If it comes to a direct choice between cream-based effects and powders, you should always lean towards the powders. This is because camera lenses emphasize things like glare and slickness in our appearances. 

Normally, we don’t really see any of these effects, but the lens has a habit of picking up even the slightest glaze and transforming you into a shiny ball of light. Powders aren’t always perfect, but they definitely cut down on the glossy look.

Final Word

The main thing is to have a positive experience with your pics, and by extension, your self-image as well. Representations of yourself ought to capture something of your true essence and nature, rather than being a cardboard simulacrum of some ideal or other. 

Getting some basic tips down is an excellent way to build up this positive feeling, both in your everyday life and in your future photos! Enjoy yourself with it. 


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