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Nose Fillers

Nose Fillers: Side Effects And How To Fix It?

The nose filler procedure, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, is a dermal filler procedure that can address a variety of issues, including leveling dorsal humps, raising sagging nasal tips, and straightening bumps in the nose irrespective of the nose shapes. Dermal filler (made of hyaluronic acid) is selectively injected using a tiny needle to contour ... Read more
Different Types Of Nose Surgeries

Which Type Of Nose Surgery Suits You?

The type of nose surgery that suits a person depends on their individual needs and concerns. Most people are born with a nose that looks different from the rest. Whether it’s too big or too small or just doesn’t fit your face, you may wonder if you need nose surgery. The nose surgical procedure can ... Read more
Saddle Nose Deformity

Saddle Nose Deformity: Causes and Treatment

Have you ever wondered which famous personality has the world’s most attractive nose? The Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman is thought to have the most beautiful nose in the entire world. The majority of celebrities do, however, have nose deformity issues, despite this. One such condition, notably in celebrities, is saddle nose malformation. A saddle nose ... Read more
Nose Shape

What Describes A Perfect Nose Shape?

Have you ever considered getting a flawless nose? To be honest, there isn’t a perfect nose shape in existence. You have an optimal nose shape when it harmonizes with the rest of your face. Some frequent questions that people ask are: What is the perfect nose shape?  Which nose looks the best? What does the ... Read more
Side Effects Of Rhinoplasty

Side Effects Of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure to change the shape or size of the nose. The procedure is typically performed to improve the appearance of the nose or to correct breathing problems caused by structural abnormalities. Rhinoplasty can be performed for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Many non-surgical rhinoplasty patients ... Read more
Nose Thread Lift

Nose Thread Lift: Cost And Aftercare

One of your face’s most defining features is your nose. Its size, placement, and form can significantly affect your facial structure. You may experience challenges with self-confidence and self-esteem if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your face, particularly your nose. If you are thinking about a non-surgical option other than rhinoplasty, a Nose ... Read more
Nose cartilage repair

You Will Not Believe It But Nose Cartilage Can Regrow

A broken nose, also known as a nasal fracture, is a break or split in the nose bone, frequently the bone that covers the nose’s bridge.  Many people have questions like “Does nose cartilage heal?”, “Can nose cartilage repair itself?”, “Can damaged nose cartilage heal?” and so on. You will not believe it but the ... Read more
Bulbous nose

How To Contour A Bulbous Nose

Some people may feel self-conscious about their bulbous nose, as it might create the impression of having a huge, large, or out-of-proportion nose. One way to improve the appearance of a bulbous nose is through contouring. It uses makeup, cosmetic procedures, or plastic surgery to give the appearance of increased or altered facial features. Furthermore, ... Read more
Broken Nose X-ray

Can An X-Ray Show A Broken Nose?

Have you ever got involved in a contact sports injury, a slip and fall accident, or any other trauma, leaving you with a nose fracture? If you jog your memory a bit, you may remember rushing to ER with a bleeding nose, ice packs being applied, x-rays being ordered, and the doctor finally evaluating. The ... Read more
Greek nose vs Roman nose

Roman Nose Versus Greek Nose – Civilization Through Nose Shapes

Are you a beauty freak? Are you contemplating nose correction surgery? Do the commonalities or differences among various nose types interest you? Then, the civilizational links to nose shapes could also trigger your curiosity. People of various ethnicities, like European, Oriental, African, South American, Asian, etc., have striking similarities in their respective facial features. Speaking ... Read more