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Emma Stone, PhD, is a contributing health and wellbeing writer for Zwivel.
Botox Treatments

How Long Does Botox Last? How Long Does Botox Take to Work?

How does it feel when Botox first starts working? Botox is a neuromodulator that relaxes the muscles and prevents them from working at full capacity. Once Botox begins to take effect, usually three to five days after treatment, you should feel no discomfort or abnormal sensations. In cases where too much Botox has been injected into ... Read more
cheek biting

Cheek Biting: Causes, Consequences and Treatment

What is cheek biting? Cheek biting is the chronic act of clenching teeth down on the inner cheek. Often done while sleeping, this biting is more than just a bad habit. Cheek biting can be a sign of excessive stress or anxiety. When done obsessively over a long period of time, chewing or biting cheeks ... Read more
Tuberous Breasts

Tubular Breasts: Causes, Diagnosis, and Surgery

What are tubular breasts? The physical appearance of tubular breasts are caused by a combination of factors: This condition has recently been recognized as a congenital abnormality that first becomes apparent during puberty. It’s most widely referred to as tuberous breast deformity (TBD), but is also labelled tubular breasts, constricted breasts, and herniated areolae. The ... Read more

Nioxin: Systems, Ingredients and Reviews

What is Nioxin? Nioxin products are salon quality vendibles used by professional stylists to thicken hair. Although not the least expensive hair care merchandise on the market, you can purchase a bottle of Nioxin shampoo for around 20 dollars. Nioxin claims to make the most of the hair you still  have by removing dirt, debris, ... Read more

CBD Skin Care: Proven Benefits and Recommended Products

Although clinical research on the benefits and effects of CBD oil in skincare is still new, users of CBD-based products have reported diverse benefits in the treatment of psoriasis, acne, and other common skin concerns. Here we explore the science behind CBD’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the growing popularity of hemp-derived skincare ... Read more
Micro botox

Baby Botox: More Natural-Looking Results Than Conventional Injection Techniques?

Unparalleled as a nonsurgical anti-aging treatment, Botox can refresh one’s appearance in transformative ways. Unfortunately, the demand for Botox has seen it fall into the hands of providers who may lack the necessary experience and knowledge. The result? Horror stories about drooping eyebrows, frozen foreheads, and lopsided facial expressions that sometimes scare new patients away. ... Read more