Mitali Ruths, MD

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Mitali Ruths graduated from Baylor College of Medicine and did her pediatrics internship at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. She now lives in Montreal with her family.
Telomere FAQ

The Race to Stop the Clock on Aging: FAQs on Telomeres

Telomeres play a role preserving the integrity of your chromosomes. When cells in your body divide, telomeres get shorter until they can no longer shorten. At this point, cells stop dividing and eventually die. There are ways to prevent telomere shortening – some that you can start today without any medical interventions. Read on to ... Read more
Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism: Are the Savings Worth the Risks?

According to Patients Without Borders, the allure of quality dental care at a lower cost is drawing more and more people abroad, with some 800,000 Americans traveling to Mexico, Costa Rica, and other sunny destinations every year. The growing industry of dental tourism may seem appealing, especially for procedures not covered by insurance. However, there ... Read more
Sun Allergy

Sun Allergy: When Is a Sunburn Not a Sunburn?

Not all skin reactions to the sun are true allergies. A sun allergy – like other allergies – is an immune system reaction. However, instead of a reaction to food or pollen, it’s a reaction to sunlight. Ultraviolet rays activate the body’s natural defense mechanism against sun-exposed skin. This allergic reaction results in an itchy ... Read more