Before having a cosmetic surgery

Think Twice. Do your research. 

Every cosmetic procedure carries a possible risk, be it surgical procedures like breast implants or non-surgical procedures like dermal fillers or botox.

Here are certain things that you will need to know before you have a cosmetic procedure to make the right decision and reduce risks.

Why do You want to Change the Way You Look?

Identify the main reason you want to change the way you look.

  • Is it Body dissatisfaction?
  • Is it your Well-being?
  • Is it your Health/shape concerns?
  • Find out if a cosmetic procedure is right for you.

Book a Consultation with an Expert

Speak to an expert professional about your cosmetic procedure.

Book a consultation with your practitioner. If it is for your well-being, try talking to a mental health professional too.

Explain your expectations and why you want to go for the cosmetic procedure.

Research about the Procedure

Do detailed research about the procedure you are going to get.

Do not believe social media posts and make a decision. Analyze its trustworthiness of it and if it is satisfactory, consider it. Do not rush to decide.

Make sure you evaluate the costs involved – The cost of the procedure, aftercare, and maintenance.

Choose An Expert Practitioner

Always choose an experienced surgeon for your procedure. Book a consultation with the surgeon and ask questions about the procedure, the products they will use, the possible side effects, and aftercare procedures.

Note: If you are uncomfortable with the procedure, you can walk away.