10 Celebrity Buttocks Augmentation Rumors Confirmed

Celebrity Butt Augmentation
  • Celebrity butt augmentations get a lot of media coverage and can often give us an idea of what plastic surgery can do.
  • Plastic surgeons, however, agree that every patient’s proportions and preferences vary.
  • High-profile botched augmentations stand as a good reminder to always seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon for any procedure.
  • Several different methods are available to help you achieve the perfect derriere.

In terms of Hollywood beauty standards, the butt holds a hallowed place. Look no further than the pages of your favorite gossip mags to find butt augmentation examples.

Big-bootied ladies who are pioneers in the posterior procedure include Kim K. and Heidi Montag. While some of these augmentations are impressive feats of cosmetic surgery, others have fallen flat. In this piece, we weigh in on different celebrity cases and tell you if they got it right.

The Rise of the Butt Augmentation

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), buttock augmentations are on the rise. In 2016, buttock fat grafting rose in popularity by 26% from the year before while the number of butt implants grew by some 18% in the same time span.

Whether it’s the Brazilian butt lift, implants, or illegal filler injections, celebrity cases can teach us a valuable lesson on the importance of choosing a good plastic surgeon.

“Whereas years ago buttock augmentation was uncommonly performed, it has become a popular, ‘mainstream’ cosmetic surgery procedure in the past half-decade,” notes Layton, UT plastic surgeon Dr. York Yates. “Although a good result in plastic surgery always starts with the achievement of the patient’s goals, there are some concerns with the long-term effects of extreme volume enhancement on the stability of the skin and soft tissue,” he warns.

In addition, fads change and in this plastic surgeon’s opinion it is only a matter of time before the extremely large buttock is again viewed as ‘overweight’ rather than curvy.

The Pull to Plump the Derriere

Novel procedures often translate into hot trends and butt augmentations are no exception. Surgeons are honing their skills to create plumper backsides that are more natural-looking every day.

Fat grafting procedures are probably the reason why Kim Kardashian’s behind appeared natural when visualized using an X-ray. With results like that, it’s no wonder this procedure is on the rise. To sweeten the deal with grafting, the fat inserted into the butt is usually taken from the tummy. Data shows that these procedures are gaining popularity with patients who want a two-for-one lipo and augmentation procedure.

khloe xray

Recipe for Success

According to the plastic surgeons we talked to, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the perfect butt lift — it’s all about meeting patients’ expectations.

“A good butt lift or augmentation can mean different things to different people,” explains Murrieta, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Eichenberg. “There are some common themes. Big, round, full and healthy looking are almost always good, but too big can draw too much attention because at some point it will not look natural. Of course, for some women, looking augmented or extra-large is the idea.”

Massachusetts-based plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph A. Russo agrees. “I think celebrities with the most well-done augmentations are the ones that are not blatantly obvious or oversized,” he said. “Celebs with great shape and proportions… Basically, the ones you may not realize have had it done but simply look great.”

Who Made the Top 10 List?

Here, we take a look at some of the most famous celebrity buttock surgeries and weigh in on whether they were tops or flops.

“Teen Mom 2” reality star and mother of three Kailyn Lowry went under the knife in 2016 at the hands of the famed Dr. Miami (Dr. Michael Salzhauer of Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery in Miami). Lowry documented her Brazilian butt lift on social media, noting that she has long struggled with body image issues and that the procedure helped her be at peace with her body.

Dr. Randal Haworth cites Lowry’s case as a good example of a lift gone right. “A Brazilian butt lift or butt augmentation with good results will make the waist and thighs look smaller, which in turn also brings the torso into more harmonious proportions. It also can make the buttocks appear rounder and more toned or reduce any drooping or sagging,” he says.

Cardi B


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Rap darling Cardi B made headlines last year when she went public with a story of nearly dying after receiving butt injections. The rapper said she wanted a bigger butt so badly that she had the procedure done in a Jamaican lady’s basement in Queens. She revealed that she felt nauseous, hot and had difficulty breathing immediately afterwards.

Cardi B’s experience serves as a cautionary tale to never trust anyone but a board-certified professional for any sort of injection, implant or body modification.

Heidi Montag

One-half of Speidi, “The Hills” star Heidi Montag is one of the most-cited examples of surgical addiction gone wrong. It got so bad that, at one point, Montag had 10 plastic surgery procedures done in a single day. Her collection of surgeries includes a brow lift, a nose job, cheek injections, lip injections, a chin reduction, liposuction, ear-pinning, breast augmentation and a butt augmentation.

These days, Montag takes a more natural approach, admitting that she has a fair amount of regret about her surgical spree.

Briana DeJesus

The newest addition to “Teen Mom 2” followed in Lowry’s footsteps when she accepted Dr. Miami’s offer for a brand-new sculpted butt, tummy and breasts. The celeb surgeon pledged to give the mom of two a total “mommy makeover.”

DeJesus ended up opting for a little bit less junk in the trunk. For her, the goal was to re-balance and lift her behind for a more proportioned figure. The procedure was a success, but don’t take our word for it. You can watch the entire process on YouTube… because why not?

Jenna Jameson

The world’s best-known adult entertainer does not shy away from discussing taboo plastic surgery procedures. The Queen of Porn has had plenty of surgical hiccups that include implant removals and a botched vaginoplasty. She admitted to her castmates on “Celebrity Big Brother” that she had “a little somethin’-somethin’” done to her butt, but we don’t have details on the procedure. Dr. Haworth points to Jameson’s case as an example of not-so-great surgical handiwork, along with Blac Chyna and former Playboy Playmates Kristina and Karissa Shannon.

“When the results of a buttock augmentation, whether via fat or implants, are so exaggerated as to result in disharmony with the surrounding torso, the net visual effect can be downright bizarre,” Haworth cautions. “For example, if your bottom is overly round and big, you can actually look shorter than you really are. Additionally, we as plastic surgeons do not have long-term data as to how these comically large buttocks may age and sag over time.”

K. Michelle

“Love & Hip Hop” star K. Michelle is known for her hourglass figure, so it’s not a total shock that she’s had some work done on her rear-end. Sadly, Michelle’s experience was less than ideal. Last year, she had most of her butt injections removed on an episode of “Dr. Oz.”

The star admitted that, though she loved her tweaked booty, she was experiencing back pain, migraines and discomfort. She informed her surgeon that she got illegal injections at the hands of a back-alley doctor in Atlanta. Dr. Oz was quick to warn that this type of dangerous foreign material injection could be carcinogenic.

Blac Chyna

We may never get hard evidence on whether the women in the Kardashian clan achieved their perfect behinds with surgical help. Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna may be the closest we’ll ever get to cracking this case. “Disproportionate or oversized butt augmentation such as Blac Chyna is a taste and trend that several celebrities embrace,” notes Dr. Russo. “Though that’s not my taste, I say if the procedure was done well without asymmetry, adverse event or lumpiness, and the patient is happy, it is good.”

Unfortunately, Chyna’s butt augmentation isn’t quite as flawless as those of her famous former friends. Critics claim that her implants have reportedly flipped and deflated. Alarmingly, her most recent bikini photos show that her implants appear to be growing.

Kim Zolciak

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak isn’t shy about disclosing the work she’s had done. Zolciak revealed on Instagram that she’s a fan of butt injections but not for the reason you might expect. According to the reality star, injections are all about smoothing cellulite and dimples.

Chloe Khan


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Rising reality starlet Chloe Khan is well-known for her figure. The former Playboy cover girl is also not shy about sharing her experience. Though she was very pleased with her butt augmentation with fat grafting, she admitted that she couldn’t sit down for six whole weeks afterwards.

Note that if you’re considering the procedure, doctors usually say it’s okay to sit in the first few weeks post-surgery – albeit it only for a few minutes at a time.

Virginia Gallardo


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If you’re looking for examples of celebrity butt augmentations done right, Argentinian model Virginia Gallardo is a good specimen.

Gallardo is an open book when it comes to talking about her physical enhancements. The model admitted that she opted for the traditional implant procedure instead of fat grafting to achieve a full, plump look. Gallardo reports that the procedure made her feel more confident and sexy.

Craving a Curvy Bottom?

If you are considering getting this procedure, hopefully the celebrity experiences reviewed here helps stress the importance of getting it done right. We asked Dr. Jennifer Walden how to best ensure the best possible surgical results.

“A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is necessary to physically examine the patient and listen to her desires,” Walden states. “With buttock augmentation using grafting, the patient must have enough fat on their body to properly augment the derriere. Taking into account the patient’s proportions and overall anatomy while maintaining a safe environment is of paramount importance,” she concludes.

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