Cosmetic surgery abroad

Taking cosmetic surgery abroad is not a bad option, but do your research first!

It can cost less than in the United States, but it is crucial to weigh the potential savings against the potential risks. Safety standards may not be up to the mark.

Safety of Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Cosmetic surgery comes with a risk. You might face post surgery complications in the US or abroad, and you cannot prevent them.

In the United States, it is the surgeon’s responsibility to provide a follow-up treatment if any complications rise up!

But overseas clinics may not provide follow-up treatments and their safety standards might not be high enough. 

Also, cosmetic clinics abroad may not have US consultant surgeons aboard to cope up if any problems rise up during or post surgery!

Say No to Cosmetic Surgery Holiday Packages

If your holiday package includes these words – “Package includes cosmetic surgery,” beware of the site.

If you still find other package options amusing, make sure that

  1. You get a consultation from a certified surgeon.
  2. Get details from the package providers about the hospital they recommend and research it.
  3. Do not pay for a hospital that does not have a proper track record.
  4. Do not pay before consulting a surgeon you have not met.

It is ok to have a holiday before your surgery, but booking your holiday immediately after your surgery is not recommended.

All you need post-surgery is rest and a proper diet. 

No – Alcohol, sunbath, sightseeing, getting into the water.

Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare

Aftercare is a significant part of cosmetic surgery. 

Make sure you ask these questions to your surgeon

  1. Where will the check-ups take place?
  2. Where will the follow-up appointments be scheduled?
  3. What happens if complications build up?
  4. What if you have to do more surgery after the procedure? How easily can you travel back to the destination?
  5. How much could it cost you?

How to Reduce Your Risks?

Find out what cosmetic procedure you are going to do and research about it much as you can, including

  1. Consultation
  2. procedure
  3. Risks and complications
  4. Aftercare

First, ask yourself this question – Is Cosmetic surgery right for me? 

If you are satisfied with your answer, here are the next steps you can do!

Choose a Certified Surgeon

The standards, qualifications, and experience criteria for the surgeon in abroad might be different from that in the USA.

Ask the surgeon:

  • what training and qualifications do they have?
  • what organizations and health communities they belong to?
  • how long have they been practicing?
  • how many similar procedures have they done?
  • Are they able to explain the procedure to you in a satisfactory way?

Book a Consultation with your Surgeon

Book at least 2 consultations with your surgeon before your surgery.

During the consultation, the surgeon should make you understand

  1. What is the procedure about?
  2. The success rate of the procedure
  3. Limitations, risks, and complications
  4. Alternative procedures if available

The surgeon should be able to show before and after pics of their procedure, they have done.

Prepare for the Worst

Things may go wrong. As a precaution, make sure you check

  1. What insurance cover does the clinic or surgeon have, and if it covers you?
  2. How will you get home if anything goes wrong?
  3. How about the travel expenses and does your insurance covers them?
  4. Where are you going to stay after your surgery?

Do not travel immediately after your surgery

It is not recommended to travel immediately after your surgery. Air travel may increase the risk of a blood clot and it is life-threatening.

It is advised not to travel for

  • 5 to 7 days after liposuction and other body-related cosmetic procedures.
  • 8 to 10 days after facial cosmetic procedures.