Glutathione IV Therapy For Skin Lightening: Is It Recommended?

Skin Lightening

Do you know that Glutathione positively affects skin lightening when injected intravenously?

Glutathione is a tripeptide with a short chain of amino acids naturally produced in every body cell. It contains three essential amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamate, famously known as the “Master Detoxifier.” 

Glutathione IV Therapy enhances the Glutathione in your bloodstream either by injecting them at 

particularly marked spots or through IV drips.

Here is a stack of valuable information about Glutathione IV Therapy, its advantages, possible side effects, risks, etc.

What Does Glutathione Do To Your Body?

Glutathione acts as an antioxidant in your body and maintains a redox environment in your cells, strengthening your skin and physical health.

  • Prevention From Oxidative Damage: – Oxidative damage in cells is happening a lot nowadays due to the pop-culture lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and the inadequate routine of diet, sleep and exercise, all increase oxidative damage in our cells. Glutathione acts as a defensive mechanism that prevents our cells from such oxidative damage and early aging of cells.
  • Skin Health: – Glutathione is famously known for skin brightening, tightening, lightening, and improving skin health, along with enhancing your physical wellness. Glutathione shuts off the Tyrosinase in your body that produces melanin. This might not be a permanent shutdown of melanin production. 
  • Athletic Physical Health: – Glutathione concentrates more on eliminating damages in the cells caused by radicals and improving the production of new cells. A good level of Glutathione in the body leads to a healthy growth of muscles and decreases the fat percentage. 
  • Anti-Aging Agent – Glutathione is an excellent anti-aging agent that helps replenish body cells, especially facial cells, and keeps them fresh and running. 
  • Mental Clarity – Glutathione is the best defender against stress, anxiety, and depression and keeps you calm and relaxed.

Glutathione Injections For Skin Rejuvenation – When Are They Used?

Glutathione IV injections are generally used for mesotherapy and monotherapy purposes. Glutathione IV Therapy is a monotherapy treatment where Glutathione is injected intravenously into the bloodstream to enhance skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

Glutathione IV therapy is also combined with other medications like ascorbic acid, tranexamic acid, vitamin E, etc., as a mesotherapy treatment to improve other bodily functions like:

  1. Boosting immune system
  2. Eliminating free radicals from the body.
  3. Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress
  4. Fighting stress and sleep apnea.
  5. Increasing metabolism and helping in weight loss.

How Does The Glutathione IV Therapy work?

Glutathione IV Therapy remits Glutathione directly into your bloodstream. It is done in two ways: one is through IV drips, and the other is by injecting them into your skin.

Glutathione IV Injections

  • Glutathione is mainly used for skin treatments like skin brightening, lightening, and tightening. 
  • Injecting Glutathione into a particular spot helps in treating hyperpigmentation, discoloration, acne scars, dark spots, sun spots, and melasma.  
  • This also reduces the sign of aging. 
  • It was recently discovered that, apart from skin whitening, it also helps with wrinkles. 
  • The wait for optimal results on skin brightening varies depending on your skin complexion. For light to medium brown, it takes around 1 – 4 months; For medium to dark brown, it’s around 4 – 7 months; and for those who have a darker complexion, it takes from 6 months to 1 year. This may vary depending on other factors too.
  • You may have to attend 15 to 30 sessions of Glutathione injections to get the desired results. For some, it may take even less. Get a recommendation from a certified cosmetic surgeon before proceeding with Glutathione injections for the skin rejuvenation process.

Glutathione IV Drips

Glutathione IV drips are remitted directly into your bloodstream and are settled in every cell of your body, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract as it may cause a stomach upset or diarrhea. IV therapies are far better than taking them orally, as this works intravenously, merging in your bloodstream directly and surfing through your whole body.

Side Effects And Risks in Glutathione IV Therapy

  • Regular long-term Glutathione intake may lead to a lower level of zinc in the body.
  • Some may experience skin rashes, redness, irritation, or other allergic reactions like nausea due to excessive intake of Glutathione.
  • Some may experience loss of hair or the appearance of white hair.


  • Speak to your cosmetic surgeon and understand whether you need Glutathione IV therapy before proceeding. 
  • Always keep in mind that Glutathione through IV is not a permanent process. Glutathione IV therapy as a spa therapeutic process plays only a supplementary role in increasing your Glutathione temporarily.

In the meantime, you can also naturally increase your glutathione production in your body by following the methods mentioned below.

Ways To Increase Glutathione Naturally

  • Intake of Sulphur and Vitamin C & E-rich foods will raise Glutathione count in your body.
  • Try having foods rich in Glutathione like Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mustard, Turnips, Melon, Watercress, and mandatory fruits like Bananas, Oranges, Apples, Peaches, and Grapefruit too.
  • Foods that contain Selenium, Curcumin, and Silymarin will also increase Glutathione in your body.
  • Dairy products and other protein-rich products too will support increasing the Glutathione level.
  • Have a considerable amount of sleep and rest, and exercise regularly. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation may stimulate oxidative stress, which reduces Glutathione levels.
  • Avoid excessive intake of alcohol in the long term, which may lead to fatty liver disease, leading to the depletion of Glutathione. 

Final Words

On a final note, Glutathione is an essential element for maintaining good health. But you can balance your skin tone and texture by taking Glutathione IV therapy. It helps in skin lightening, rejuvenation, and reduction of wrinkles and fine lines to a particular extent and keeps you young and vibrant, but only temporarily. 

You may need 15 to 30 Glutathione IV treatments to get the desired results. The number of treatments may vary based on skin texture and other factors. Apart from the treatment, you need to eat healthily and stay healthy. To maintain its level after the procedure, you must add certain foods, and a good sleep cycle to your routine, keep your treatment follow-up and balance your general health.

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