Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Centeno Shares Insights on Laser Lipo with Zwivel

Dr. Robert Centeno

Getting an ideal body composition has always been a dream for many people. Think about getting it in a minimally invasive way through liposuction – Awesome, right? Laser liposuction does that. 

Even after extensive research, many insecurities may kick in, and you may think about getting an expert opinion to make an informed decision. 

Zwivel took responsibility for the readers and interviewed a board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert F Centano, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S. on evolving laser liposuction trends in liposuction.

Is Laser Lipo Better Than Regular Lipo?

Robert F Centano states that laser lipo provides additional benefits and easy recovery compared to regular lipo. 

Laser liposuction provides additional benefits beyond regular liposuction. The use of laser energy helps to break up the fat for easier and smoother extraction and helps to tighten the skin by an additional 20% more than just regular lipo. It reduces bruising because it also targets small blood vessels and helps to reduce bleeding and bruising. This translates to less bruising and easier recovery when combined with well-performed liposuction.”

Does Fat Come Back After Laser Liposuction?

This is the most common question people ask while undergoing liposuction. Dr. Robert F Centano says, “Liposuction is permanent body contouring. After we’ve passed childhood, we have a fixed number of fat cells in our body, and these fat cells can grow or shrink depending on your lifestyle habits. Laser Liposuction, like Sonobello, is permanent because it reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area. This results in a permanent, favorable change in your body shape, and problem areas are gone for good!”

What Happens To Laser Liposuction As You Age?

“If you maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet, exercise, and sun avoidance, your laser lipolysis results are permanent. Well-performed laser lipo can favorably and permanently contour your body and improve troubled spots for many years to come.”

What Is The Best Age For Laser Liposuction?

According to Dr. Robert F Centano, there is no optimal age for Lipo. The surgeon says, “Age is just a number – if you are healthy and have unwanted areas of fat, you can be considered a candidate. Our priority is always our patients’ safety, so we carefully determine if they are healthy or that their medical conditions are well managed. Thereafter, we assess the condition of their skin and determine how we expect it to react after the laser lipolysis. If patients have good skin tone and minimal laxity, then liposuction alone will suffice for contouring. If the skin tone is poor or moderately to severely lax, a skin excision procedure like AbEX would need to be added to the liposuction to get an optimal result.”

Dr. Robert F Centano - Laser Liposuction Before After Images
Dr. Robert F Centano - Laser Liposuction Before After Images
Dr. Robert F Centano – Laser Liposuction Before After Images

“One of the biggest trends we are seeing in laser liposuction trends is combining it with other procedures like AbEX to address excessively loose skin. This combination is powerful and can lead to very dramatic patient transformations. Experience and expertise are essential when combining these two modalities.  Ab Etching Hi Def Lipo is another trend in liposuction. This procedure recreates the muscle definition of your Rectus Abdominis muscle to create that “6-Pack” effect in men and a softer – more defined athletic abdomen in women. Proper patient selection is significant with this procedure, or you can get some un-natural looking results.”

Why Should A Patient Consider Laser Lipo Like Sono Bello Over Traditional Aesthetic Procedures?

“Sono Bello focuses exclusively on body contouring procedures. They are true experts in liposuction and body contouring with a high level of expertise. This expertise translates to better, more predictable results across a wide spectrum of body types. Practice makes perfect!”

What Are Future Advancements You Foresee For This Type of Aesthetic Surgery?

While asked about the future advancements in the field of aesthetic surgery, Dr. Robert F centano says – “Our ability to do more and more body contouring procedures awake is one of the most important advancements in this area of aesthetic surgery. It is safer than being put to sleep, more cost-effective than going to a hospital or surgery center for general anesthesia, and can deliver better results. Overall, Sono Bello provides a better patient experience in a comfortable setting.”

Dr. Robert F Centano - Laser Liposuction Before After Images
Dr. Robert F Centano - Laser Liposuction Before After Images
Dr. Robert F Centano – Laser Liposuction Before After Images
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