Is cosmetic surgery right for me?

Going for a cosmetic procedure is a tough call. Do not rush! Take a breath, and ask yourself – is cosmetic procedure right for you?

Fear of Getting Unfavorable results is one of the many reasons that could be stopping you from cosmetic procedures.

To be honest, all cosmetic procedures come with a certain risk. If you are not happy with your cosmetic surgery, it might hit your emotional well-being.

Do not assume that cosmetic procedure is a path to transformation. It may give you the desired look, but in the long run, things like lifestyle, dietary habits, social life, and work will be crucial to maintain your “image.”

Are you considering a cosmetic procedure but with a half-mind? This will help you unblock yourself and make a decision on cosmetic procedures.

Find Out Your “Why?”

Why cosmetic procedures? Answering this is too vague. Here are some questions that will help you jot down your why clearly!

  1. What do I want to change?
  2. Do I want a cosmetic procedure for myself or to please someone?
  3. How long have I given thought about getting a cosmetic procedure?
  4. Can the procedure influence my current life situation?
  5. What triggered me to think about this procedure?
  6. Can this procedure improve my relationship, social skills, and job prospects?
  7. Can I afford this procedure and future costs for aftercare and maintenance?
  8. Any alternative ways to get results faster?

Research first, Decision Next!

  1. Research the procedure, pros and cons, aftercare, results, etc. Know about it in detail.
  2. Identify your cost-to-benefit ratio and analyze it with your budget.
  3. Try connecting with people on social media who have successfully done the procedure and get direct reviews.
  4. Always have a solid plan if something goes wrong. 

Get Professional Advice

Talk to an expert. Book a consultation call with the surgeon who is going to do the procedure

They should 

  1. Ask you what you expect.
  2. Walk you through the procedure. 
  3. Explain possible side effects and how to manage them.
  4. Aftercare and Maintenance.

Be specific about the change you want to see and tell the surgeon why!

Cool-Off Period

Do not rush to decide after your consultation. You should give yourself a cooling-off period before you consider taking a cosmetic procedure or not.

  1. Ensure that you are not merely signing up for the procedure just because your consulting surgeon recommends it.
  2. Beware of your temptations of the time-limited offers that urge you to sign up for the procedure immediately.
  3. Ensure you are not signing up for group therapies or treatments that might involve alcohol.
  4. Beware of any mobile treatments that give assurance of having the procedure at your home.

If you feel pressured or uncomfortable with the procedure or the practitioner, you have every right to walk away!