Jowl Lift: For Sagging Jowls

Jowl lift

If you are unhappy with the sagging skin around your jawline, neck, and throat area, a jowl lift may be able to provide you with an alternative to surgery. A jowl lift is an advanced surgical procedure that can be done under local anesthesia to improve your facial appearance. 

In this blog, you will better understand jowl lift surgery, its benefits, indications, procedure, and aftercare.

What Is A Jowl Lift?

A jowl lift is a surgical procedure that involves lifting the lower jaw and chin to restore normal facial proportions and position. It is typically performed as part of a facelift or neck lift but can also be performed separately.

Most people mistakenly believe that jowl lifts are only used for cosmetic purposes. In truth, however, they can be used to treat various medical conditions where excess fat has been accumulated in the lower face area.  

Jowl lifts have been popular surgical procedures for several years. Their increasing popularity is due to their effectiveness. A jowl lift procedure does not affect the underlying bones, muscles, or facial nerves and vessels in any way. Additionally, there are minimal risks or complications associated with a jowl lift.

Before considering a jowl lift procedure, you should understand that some of the facial muscles surrounding the lower jaw area are very weak and not capable of holding the entire upper face. 

The force of gravity – acting downward on the upper jaw – tends to pull these tissues downward and away from the chin. Gravity works from top to bottom, so more tissue is pulled down toward the chin as time goes on. If this downward action is not corrected, the lower face will become broader and broader, leading to jowls.  

Jowl lifts are designed to take advantage of the inherent weak muscles in the area by pulling them upward and into a more natural position. Jowl lift can be used to lift one or both sides of the lower jaw and chin area, depending on how much fat has been accumulated.

Am I An Ideal Candidate For Jowl Lift?

If you consider getting a jowl lift, it may help to consider your reasons for doing so. For instance, if you want to improve your appearance to feel more confident or more attractive, then you’ll likely find this procedure worthwhile.

Both men and women can benefit from a jowl lift. While it is true that the effects of aging tend to be more pronounced in the female population, several male patients are interested in this type of procedure.

However, if you are purely looking for a cosmetic improvement, you may want to consider whether this procedure is appropriate for your situation. It is essential to get help from a plastic surgeon who has experience with this procedure to ensure it’s done correctly.

Another point to consider is how much excess fat you have in the lower face area. If you do not have a substantial amount of excess fat, then a jowl lift may not be a worthwhile procedure. However, if you are very overweight or obese, then it could be worth considering. Also, be aware that a jowl lift is not intended to treat large amounts of excess fat.

What Is The Best Age For A Jowl Lift?

There is no hard and fast rule for the best age for a jowl lift. However, it is worth noting that this procedure can only be done in adults, so you may not want to think about this procedure until you are fully grown. 

Though, the decision to have this procedure should not be taken lightly. You should be fully aware of everything that is involved before making your final decision.

Procedures Of Jowl Lift

Several different types of procedures can be performed for a jowl lift. Some procedures are designed to lift the chin, while others can lift the lower face and neck

Some procedures will leave scars around the chin and neck, while other procedures will not. The procedure chosen for a jowl lift usually depends on the amount of excess fat accumulated in the area.

The following are the steps for a jowl lift:

  1. The patient will be put under general anesthesia. The incisions made during the jowl lift may vary depending on the surgeon. They may also vary if the procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon or by a trained person in a surgical clinic.
  2. Small incisions are placed around and behind the ear.
  3. The excess fat is removed through the incisions.
  4. The patient is taken to a recovery room where they will be monitored and treated.
  5. The whole procedure should take less than 30 minutes.

Pre Care

  • Avoid the use of sunscreen on the face for at least 24 hours before surgery.
  • Avoid using Retin-A or any exfoliating or harsh products for one week before and after surgery.
  • Avoid alcohol, spicy foods, and citrus fruits for one week before and three weeks after surgery. 
  • Arrange to have someone take care of you the first three days following your procedure by providing food; keeping you company, helping you with medication; bathing you if needed, etc.

Post Care

  • Apply ice packs or frozen peas to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery.
  • Avoid using creams for at least two weeks after surgery.
  • Begin taking your pain medication as prescribed.
  • You should avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for four weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach for 2-3 weeks following your surgery.
  • Do not get any vaccinations during the first six months after surgery.

Jowl Lift Recovery Time?

A jowl lift requires a little more planning than most other types of surgery because the patient must be able to eat and drink small amounts after they return home from the recovery room. 

The patient will usually resume regular activity within a few days, but it is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions and take it easy. The recovery for a jowl lift is usually much easier than the one following a neck lift.

Possible Complications Of Getting Jowl Lift

While almost all patients have a smooth recovery with this surgery, some potential complications need to be considered before undergoing it. Here’s what you need to know before getting your jowls lifted.


Infections and abscesses can develop in the treated area. To avoid the complication, it is necessary to use antibiotics right after the procedure. Before surgery, be sure to let your doctor know if you are taking any medication that can affect your immune systems, such as hormones or steroids. 


It is common for swelling of the face and jowls to occur after a jowl lift. The more fluid removed, the more swelling you will have. The doctors recommend anti-swelling medications to patients with the jowl lift. 


As with any surgery, bruising is possible after having a jowl lift. These are usually temporary and fade as the body heals itself. Consult your doctor about the best treatment method for this.

Scarring/Tissue loss

The raised shape of the scars often leads to a discolored scar which could make you look younger, and at some point after surgery, scar tissue surrounds this scar as well. There is some risk of losing tissue, but it usually heals quickly with no long-term issues. 

Facial Numbness

If you experience numbness in the treated area, it can be due to nerve damage caused by the surgery or may mean harm to nerves in other parts of your face. To prevent this, follow post instructions diligently.

What Are The Benefits Of Jowl Lift?

By having a jowl lift procedure, your chin will appear firmer and broader, giving you a more youthful look that can make you more confident in social situations. After surgery, most patients usually notice an improvement in their skin quality, and they typically have no or fewer complications from the procedure. 

Benefits that jowl lift gives for you:

Improved Self-Esteem

Improving self-esteem is one of the most significant benefits that jowl lift gives to its patients. Achieving a better appearance after having jowl lift surgery will change your life, especially if you suffer from low self-esteem because of your lower jawline and jowls.

New Look For Older Women And Men

As you age, it is normal to lose some volume in the chin area. It tends to give the face a “hollowed” appearance, making you look older. Jowl lift can help restore your natural volume in the chin area, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and aging signs on the lower part of your face.

Younger Looking Chin

The jowls are a collection of loose skin and fatty tissues that hang down, creating an aged appearance. By having jowl lift surgery, you can correct the appearance of loose skin and tissues at the chin area, resulting in a younger and more vibrant look.

Improved Facial Appearance

Jowl lift surgery can also improve your facial appearance. When you get jowl lift surgery, the natural texture of your skin is enhanced. Therefore, there are fewer visible wrinkles on your face because it looks smoother.

Body Language Improvement

Having jowl lift surgery can improve your body language significantly. By having a firmer and more defined chin, you will likely stand with better posture. It is because you can have a more confident appearance by having your chin lifted, resulting in a younger and healthier look.

Note: The procedure is also not very heavily dependent on the patient’s biological age because it focuses more on rejuvenating the loose tissues and excess at the jawline.

How Much Does Jowl Lift Cost?

The average cost of a jowl lift ranges from $4,000 to $5,000. Factors that might increase the price include thicker skin, more extensive surgery, a longer surgical time, or the size and location of the treated area.

Note: You can check with your current insurance carrier to see if the procedure is covered for an insurance-related query. Since there is no standard way to code a jowl lift, it might not be listed under the same name by your healthcare provider or insurance carrier

If you aren’t sure of the coding, ask your insurance representative for assistance or consult your doctor’s office.


You can now see why the jowl lift surgery is so popular. Not only does it make your jawline look more defined, but it will also improve your facial appearance and provide you with a youthful and healthy appearance. 

If you consider having this surgery, it is important to speak with qualified professionals before undergoing the procedure. Make sure to ask questions regarding everything from risks to price, as well as the aftercare plan. 

This guide has answered most of your questions about the jowl lift. If you have any other questions about this procedure, please feel free to comment down below.

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