Permanent Bruising

Permanent Bruises (Hemosiderin Staining): Causes, Risks, and Treatment

Hemosiderin staining happens in areas where a significant amount of bruising has occurred as a result of severe injuries, hemorrhages or, in certain cases, after a particularly invasive surgery. Generally, stains that last more than 12 months cause permanent marks as the skin has essentially been tattooed. The simplest, and most readily available treatments for … Read more

Rhinoplasty Recovery

All About Open Rhinoplasty: Techniques, Recovery and Scarring

Plastic surgeons have different opinions and preferences on the choice of open or closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty has maintained wide popularity among surgeons because it allows a clearer view of and access to the structures within the nose. However, some will argue that it involves a longer recovery time, visible scarring, and a greater potential … Read more