Enlarged Pores

How to Shrink Enlarged Pores for Good: Top Docs Share Their Techniques

Enlarged pores can be impossible to manage with creams and lotions. Luckily, there are many other options to help get the smooth and pore-less look you want. Why are your pores so large? You can blame your parents for that, because pore size is largely determined by genes. This also makes it pretty difficult to … Read more

It Works Body Wrap

Do ‘It Works’ Body Wraps Warrant Their Name?

You may have seen a Facebook post from a former high school classmate or coworker about It Works body wraps. However, because they’re sold exclusively through multi-level marketing and promoted primarily on social media (think Avon but updated), it’s highly likely that you’ve never seen or tried one yet. The before-and-after pictures presented in the … Read more

Sculpting Cheekbones

Buccal Fat Removal: Sculpting Cheekbones through Surgical Contouring

Contour kits that help shade in cheek hallows and highlight cheekbones are a makeup bag staple. But for some faces— the very round and full — no amount of makeup will recreate sculpted, angular cheekbones. In such cases, a common cosmetic facial surgery procedure known as buccal fat removal offers a permanent solution. The American … Read more