12 Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums, Moisturizers & Creams for Your Face

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is produced naturally in the human body. It is widely used by the cosmetic industry in dermal fillers as well as dozens, if not hundreds, of over-the-counter serums, moisturizers and creams. Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Your Skin The main benefit of hyaluronic acid is its ability to help your skin … Read more

Swollen Lips

What Causes Lip Swelling? Sunburn, Allergies, and Infection

While certain products may play a part in triggering allergic reactions, there are other causes of swelling to be aware of and ways you can minimize that risk. What causes lip swelling? The lips, as board-certified Chicago dermatologist Dr. Lauren Fine explains, are a vulnerable part of the body: “It is a heavily vascular area, … Read more

Melasma Treatments

How to Get Rid of Melasma: Symptoms, Pictures, Treatments, and Prevention

Common in females, melasma is a pigmentary condition that’s completely benign (non-cancerous) and difficult to treat due to its typically chronic nature. With proper treatment, patients will see a dramatic improvement and in certain cases, complete resolution of their condition.  Have you noticed discolored skin on your face? You are not alone. Melasma is a surprisingly common … Read more

skin peel face

Types of Chemical Peels: Before & After, Side Effects, Cost, and Aftercare

How do chemical peels work? Chemical peels stimulate exfoliation of the epidermis — the top most layer of skin. Among other common skin concerns, chemical peel may benefit those with pigmentary, issues, acne, or fine wrinkles. The body’s ability to repair the skin via various pathways is still not well understood. What we do know … Read more

woman in heels

9 Uses for Dermal Fillers You Didn’t Know About

Does the idea of using injectable fillers like Juvederm or Retsylane on your cheeks and lips make you feel squeamish? Well, if so, brace yourself, because there’s a whole lot more that can be done. Experienced health care providers around the globe are not only treating those areas, but getting really creative with their use of injectable … Read more


From Avobenzone to Zinc Oxide: Choosing the Sunscreen That’s Best for You

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetime, with melanoma (or as I call it, “the M word”) being the most common form of cancer found in young adults. With statistics like these, choosing a sunscreen for health reasons over the … Read more


Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation: P.I.H. is no piece of P.I.E.

PIH stands for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a condition people most often call “dark marks,” or “dark spots”. The problem occurs when a pimple, bug bite, or any other type of inflammatory issue causes the skin to produce excess melanin, leaving spots or large patches on the skin. PIH can be triggered by even the most minor lesions, … Read more