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Nicole Audrey Spector is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in the Atlantic, VICE, Salon, The Village Voice, and The London Times among many others. She’s currently a contributing writer for NBC News and, and from 2012-2015 was a contributing writer for the New Yorker’s nightlife section with a focus on music. In 2013 her first novel, the satirical mash-up “Fifty Shades of Dorian Gray” was published in the U.S by Skyhorse and went on to sell in the U.K, France, and Russia.
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Making A Difference: Plastic Surgeons Share Their Most Inspiring Moments

Medical professionals are driven by a deep desire to improve their patients’ lives, and plastic surgeons are no exception. We asked ten plastic surgeons to describe defining moments in their careers – epiphanies that will forever remind them of the positive impact their work can have on patients’ lives. They answered our questions with humility and grace, ... Read more
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Obsessed with Perfection: Patients Whose Issues Lie Deeper Than the Skin

Addressing cosmetic concerns, treating injuries, and recognizing psychological issues that require professional counselling make plastic surgery a tricky line of work. And while no one has the right to question another person’s insecurities, plastic surgeons, like all doctors, bear the responsibility of refusing to work with patients they’ve determined unsuitable candidates for any given procedure. “A good plastic surgeon is ... Read more
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Social Media for Plastic Surgeons: Snip, Snip, Snapchat?

Recently the New York Post ran an article describing a spike in interest, particularly among millennials, in watching plastic surgeries shared on Snapchat’s multimedia messaging app. “Millennials are binge-watching surgeries on Snapchat,” was the provocative headline. Zwivel spoke with several prominent plastic surgeons to find out what they think about the trend, and to learn ... Read more

Plastic Surgery Experiences on YouTube

Vloggers are sharing their stories with millions of viewers. This is what I learned from watching them. I’ve always been intrigued by those who have undergone plastic surgery and are open and even enthusiastic to discuss the procedure with people they scarcely know. My interest may stem from a small but impactful incident that occurred ... Read more