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Prashant Bhawalkar was born in Mumbai, India and has lived in Sydney, Toronto, New York, Singapore, San Francisco, and Montreal. He has Master's degrees in English Literature and Journalism. He has worked in journalism, advertising, and corporate communications. At present, he lives in Montreal. His first novel, Unruly Times, was published in 2009. A satire on identity politics in literature, it went on to get longlisted for the Vodafone Crossword Book Award and the Man Asian Literary Prize.
Anti-aging serum

Anti-Aging Serums: Which Ingredients Work Best?

Aging is inevitable. For those of us who want to keep the ravages of time at bay, a good anti-aging serum can be an effective solution. Often considered the skin care equivalent of superfoods, these concoctions can help you minimize your wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots without using too many complicated ingredients. What are ... Read more
Soap Allergies

Soap and Detergent Allergies: A Contact Conundrum

Allergies can really get under your skin — even if they only appear to be skin deep, like the ones caused by soaps and detergents. To make matters worse, products labelled “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologist-approved” can still contain serious allergens. Read on to find out what causes these allergies to common household cleaning and personal care ... Read more