BBL Photofacial: What Can It Do For You?

BBL Photofacial
BroadBand Light (BBL) photofacial is a corrective phototherapy treatment for the face to treat acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation and target signs of aging, sun damage, and other skin conditions. This treatment restores your skin’s natural beauty and makes it smoother and more vibrant. BBL photofacial differs from laser treatment as it uses a focused light of a laser to treat imperfections, whereas invasive BBL photo facials use non-invasive light waves to target and correct the issues you face.

In this article, we can discuss the cost and results of BBL photo facial and the difference between IPL and BBL.

What Is The Difference Between IPL And BBL Photofacial?

IPL or Intense pulsed light treatment

  • IPL or Intense pulsed light treatment is a cosmetic method that reduces various age signs and scars, lightens darker skin patches, improves the appearance of spider veins, and removes unwanted hair.
  • In the IPL method, medical professionals use a handheld device that targets multiple light wavelengths onto your skin to remove pigmented and damaged skin cells or hair follicles.
  • It is a no-pain treatment in which the professional uses a topical anesthetic to numb the treatment site. First, cleanse the area with alcohol-based antiseptic, then apply a cool gel onto the skin. It will help the skin’s upper layers not to feel the heat. Next, they will give you eye protection to protect the eyes from light emissions. Finally, they will pulse light for 20 to 30 minutes per treatment area to achieve the needed results.
  • After the treatment session, you may notice some changes in your skin, like mild side effects that are usually normal. It occurs as an indication of the proper working of your treatment. Some side effects are blisters, bruising, crusting, brown spots, redness, swelling, sunspots, blemishes, etc. You may get relief from these side effects after a few days.
  • Avoid hot showers or hot baths for a minimum of 48 hours after IPL photo facial treatment.
  • Do not exfoliate your skin for at least one week, and do not do any heavy exercise for up to two days.
  • Exposing your face to the sun unprotected may reduce the effectiveness of results.
  • Do not use skin care products that contain harsh chemicals and ingredients like vitamin A, alpha-hydroxy acids, Retin-A (tretinoin), glycolic acid, retinoic acid, etc.
  • The number of sessions needed for complete results depends on the reaction of your skin after the first session and the goals you are trying to achieve. Generally, a person needs around three and six sessions to achieve the desired results. Usually, hair removal takes almost six and twelve treatment sessions.

BBL or Broadband light (BBL) laser therapy

  • BBL treatments take almost 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.
  • In this procedure, first, the professionals will apply the cooling gel. Then they give us safety shields, goggles, or glasses to protect our eyes.
  • You will experience only some sensations, pulses, or mild pain. And your skin may appear slightly red, swollen, or sunburned.
  • When the broad spectrum of wavelengths targets the skin’s underlying layers, your skin will absorb it. Then it improves collagen production and eliminates pigmented skin cells.
  • The results will be visible within a few days or weeks of your first BBL treatment. You will notice more significant changes after some more sessions.

Why is BBL more beneficial than IPL?

As a highly-advanced version of IPL, BBL is a more accurate and specific treatment method. The safety and efficacy of BBL technology in treating darker skin patients are superior to any other pulsed light therapy on the market. In this method, risks, complications, downtime, and the number of treatment sessions to reach the desired are less. For example, You need to go for six sessions to treat pigmentation with IPL. But with BBL, you can see significant results within three treatments.

Is BBL Photofacial Effective?

  • After the BBL, You can expect specific changes on your skin within a few days. Your skin blemishes, and blood vessels clear up within a few weeks. Your skin may become smoother and appear more even and bright within two weeks of your first treatment.
  • Your physician will inspect your skin first and recommend the number of treatment sessions. Generally, it depends on the current skin type, conditions, and the desired results.
  • Another advantage of BBL is it does not require more downtime. You can resume your daily routine at work or run your regular errands without being disrupted.

It is essential to follow some instructions to make your result more effective.

  • Do not use swimming pools or spas as exposure to chemicals like chlorine may aggravate your skin.
  • Avoid makeup and other skincare products immediately after the treatment session.
  • Use unscented soaps, creams, or lotions.
  • Do not use acne creams or gels for a small duration.
  • Do not exfoliate or scrub your skin with a rough cloth.
  • Ask your physician, and get suggestions on various skincare products.
  • Apply an ice pack if you experience discomfort from the slight swelling or feel a sunburn sensation within the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid strenuous activities that cause excessive perspiration, like exercises. Be and stay cool to prevent hyperpigmentation.
  • Avoid tanning and direct sun exposure for the first two weeks.
  • Do not use hot water or cold water for face wash or bath. You can use lukewarm water instead.
  • You can also use Vitamin E or aloe vera to alleviate these pains.

BBL Photofacial: What Conditions Does It Treat?

BBL involves the treatment of the following skin concerns. 

  • Pigmented lesions and sun damage: Pigmented lesions appear like blemishes on the skin due to excess melanin or brown pigment in the skin. It includes sun spots and age spots. You can also see this in areas more often exposed to the sun, like the face, neck, hands, and legs. During this treatment session, the dark pigment will absorb the light from the BBL device. Then, it breaks up to restore the skin’s natural tone. The BBL light also stimulates collagen production and improves your skin tone, making the skin smoother and more youthful. BBL therapy can be an effective treatment option if you have age marks or brown spots.
  • Wrinkles and other age signs: BBL treatment is more impactful as an anti-aging therapy. It can combat wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. It retains the youth look of your skin as it improves skin tone and texture. With this BBL broadband light treatment, you can reduce visible age signs and get more vibrant skin. It is better to perform this treatment at an interval, such as twice a year, to fight against aging.
  • Vascular Lesions: Vascular lesions of the skin is an abnormal formation of different types of blood vessels. These vascular lesions include telangiectasia, rosacea redness, and cherry angiomas. When you undergo BBL treatment, the light energy will penetrate the skin and heats the pigment in the vascular lesion. When the targeted area absorbs the light, the vessels that cause the redness will get eliminated. BBL treatment can repair and improve conditions like rosacea or any other type of vascular lesion.

Is BBL Photofacial expensive?

BroadBand Light therapy costs from $700 to $2,500 based on the factors like

  • Treatment area: Cost varies based on the number of places you want to treat. Even though you have few targeted areas, most providers recommend treating the entire face and neck for better results.
  • The number of sessions needed: Your service provider will charge the amount based on the treatment sessions. You may require two to three sessions for specific results.
  • Experience and credentials of service provider: Choose an experienced service provider with this and other skin rejuvenation treatments. Check their customer’s reviews and galleries of before and after treatment to know their expertise in treating your skin concerns. It may be more costly than others, but it will be safe for patients without leaving them at risk of burns, scars, and other side effects.

BBL Photofacial Before and After

BBL before and after
BBL before and after


The powerful beam in the BBL therapy may damage your skin if it is not performed by a licensed, certified professional. BBL treatment is quick, comfortable, and safest with no risk of infection, bleeding, etc. Even though you may experience a slight reddening and swelling, similar to a mild sunburn, the results will be more effective and mind-blowing.

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