Dermasweep Vs. Microdermabrasion: Which Is Better?

Dermasweep Vs. Microdermabrasion

In today’s world, technology and skincare have become a significant focus. Many people have different opinions on what the best skincare routine is, but there are commonalities among most of them. One of these commonalities is that often, people choose between Dermasweep or Microdermabrasion to try and keep up with their skincare routine. 

While it is true that both of these treatments boast many benefits, it is vital to know the background behind these two procedures. 

Dermasweep and Microdermabrasion are designed to smoothen the skin, provide even toning and increase the skin’s health. However, both solutions use different techniques to achieve these goals. 

The treatments work in incredibly different ways. Also, Dermasweep is typically used before Microdermabrasion. 

Many different aspects of each treatment make them unique from one another. Here we will see the commonalities and differences of both products so you can make the best decision for your skin. Besides, Dermasweep will be discussed in-depth.

Dermasweep Vs. Microdermabrasion

Where They’re The Same

  • Both provide a professional-grade experience: 

Microdermabrasion, also called crystal microdermabrasion, is an FDA-approved procedure in which diamond-tip or aluminum oxide crystals are rubbed onto the skin. This action removes the outermost layer of the skin and allows fresh new skin to form. 

The complete procedure takes about 10-15 minutes per session. Besides, Dermasweep is also an FDA-approved procedure that exfoliates the skin through a professional-grade device. It is also designed for professional use and is intended for home use.

  • Both can be used on most skin types: 

Dermasweep is designed for all skin types, but Microdermabrasion is most effective on oily or sensitive skin. However, both treatments are relatively safe and work well with most people. Therefore, both procedures will likely yield excellent results on most skin types.

  • Both treat the following skin problems: 

Dermasweep and Microdermabrasion treat the same kind of skin issues, including blemishes, uneven skin tone, and various other skin conditions, such as acne scarring or discoloration. 

Also, they both are a combination of skin care treatments that removes dead surface skin cells, exfoliates the skin, and stimulates collagen production. 

Where They’re Different

  • The method of exfoliation is different: 

Microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals, and Dermasweep uses a combination of suction, skin exfoliation, vacuum and gentle pressure. Therefore, they achieve the same results in different ways. 

Microdermabrasion uses aluminum oxide crystals as the primary exfoliative agent. The therapy process also requires that a serum or moisturizing product be used after exfoliating your skin to allow for an even skin tone and new collagen production. 

On the other hand, Dermasweep infuses vitamins and minerals into the skin using a gentle vacuum and suction. Therefore, there is no need for an aftercare treatment after Dermasweep has been used to smooth and rejuvenate the skin.

  • Where and whom, exactly, they treat: 

Microdermabrasion, also called crystal microdermabrasion, is used by professionals in a clinic or spa setting. On the other hand, Dermasweep is used at home utilizing a professional-grade device. Both treatments remove the outermost layer of skin to reveal fresh new skin, but Microdermabrasion provides quicker results.

  • How they feel: 

Microdermabrasion feels like a light scraping, and Dermasweep feels like suction is being applied to the skin. Microdermabrasion also leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking radiant.

  • How long until you see results: 

The results from Microdermabrasion can be seen almost immediately. With Dermasweep, the results are more gradual, and you must use the device for several weeks to see the maximum benefits. 

It is because Dermasweep infuses vitamins and minerals into your skin so that they can be absorbed while your skin cells rebuild. With both treatments, it is best to use them regularly to maintain your skin’s health.

How Does Dermasweep Work?

Dermasweep is a professional-grade device designed to smooth and rejuvenate the skin. Following are the details of Dermasweep:

  • Start with consulting a dermatologist for better results: Dermasweep is specifically designed for home use by people who want to improve their skin’s appearance. But, it can also be used by professional stylists and salon owners who wish to offer a more comprehensive skin care treatment. It is vital to consult a dermatologist or other skin care expert before deciding on what type of treatment is best for your skin.
  • The procedure begins with cleansing the skin: A cleansing gel is applied to the cleansed face. You can also utilize a facial cleansing brush to cleanse your skin. The gel or scrub will remove any residue, dirt, or oil from your skin so that nothing stays on the surface of your skin. 
  • Abrasion via bristles: It is now time to use the Dermasweep device. In cooperation with the vacuum force, the bristles of the device remove dead skin and dirt from your skin. A vacuum force can help remove loose facial hair or other hair that may be in your way.
  • A gentle suction or pressure: The vacuum pressure clears the debris away, leaving your skin feeling clean and smooth. During the process, you may feel a mild sensation of suction or pressure. It is normal and is part of the process of exfoliation.
  • The final stage is infusion: After the Dermasweep device has been used, the skin is infused with one of four serums containing hyaluronic acid for moisturizer, vitamin C for clarity, and salicylic acid for acne, or serum to treat hyperpigmentation. These serums will maintain your skin’s health while slowly bringing out new, healthy skin over time.

Is Dermasweep Painful?

Dermasweep is a relatively pain-free procedure. Unlike other exfoliation treatments, it won’t cause irritation or discomfort while the process is being carried out. But, if you are concerned about the pain factor of Dermasweep, choose a Dermasweep method with a milder suction. 

Also, make sure that you cleanse and prep your face before using Dermasweep. It will make the treatment process more accessible and more comfortable for you. There is no need to think about a possible Dermasweep scar in the future. This device is so gentle that it won’t cause any damage to your skin.

Is Dermasweep Beneficial?

Dermasweep is a great way to improve your skin’s appearance. It also treats problems such as acne and hyperpigmentation without having to visit the doctor again and again. You don’t have to see an expert twice anymore. 

You can maintain your health at home by regularly using Dermasweep, even if that means once every couple of weeks. Moreover, the following are the benefits you can expect from this skin-rejuvenating device:

  • Targets the biggest concern of aging skin: Our skin loses its natural moisture and soft texture as we age. It leaves our skin looking dry, dull, and flaky. Dermasweep targets the most common complaints associated with aging skin by infusing moisture slowly into the layers of our skin for a smoother look.
  • Gentle exfoliation: Dermasweep is a gentle way to smooth and heal your skin. It exfoliates the skin gently and at a controlled rate. It can also be easily used on sensitive or delicate skin without causing any irritation or redness.
  • Non-invasive means: There is no need for invasive surgery or body injections to achieve the smooth, radiant skin you want. With Dermasweep, you can achieve a younger look without falling under the knife. 
  • Helps your skin stay healthy: Using Dermasweep regularly will keep your skin’s health in check. The device infuses vitamins and minerals into your skin to absorb while your face heals and regenerates.
  • Can be used at home: Dermasweep is a device made for skin care on the go. You can use it anytime and anywhere. There is no need to visit the spa to get your skin glowing again.
  • Cost-effective method: The cost of using Dermasweep at home is much more affordable than visiting a dermatologist’s office or going for invasive surgeries or body injections.

When Do Dermasweep Show Results?

The results from Dermasweep are relatively immediate, though they can’t be seen immediately. The next few days after the procedure will show a transformation in your skin. You must use Dermasweep for several weeks to see the maximum results from this skincare device. 

Also, Dermasweep is a great way to maintain your skin’s health over time. It is essential to use this rejuvenating skin device regularly and not just once or twice to see the desired results.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Deciding Between Dermasweep And Microdermabrasion

  • Look at the safety record: Dermasweep has a very safe track record and is highly effective. Compare this with the safety record of Microdermabrasion. You will notice that Dermasweep is just as secure as other devices today, while the Microdermabrasion safety record leaves much to be desired.
  • Compare your budget: If you can afford Microdermabrasion, go for it. But, if you are concerned about the cost of Microdermabrasion and the cost of Dermasweep, then you may want to choose Dermasweep instead.
  • Treatment duration: Microdermabrasion requires significant time to treat your skin, which can sometimes be inconvenient. Dermasweep is a much faster treatment, requiring a few minutes of your time.
  • Traditional vs non-traditional: Microdermabrasion is a non-traditional method of skin rejuvenation, whereas Dermasweep is a more conventional method for rejuvenating your face.


Dermasweep is an excellent device for home skin care. You can use it to achieve a more youthful and vibrant-looking face. With regular use, you will notice that your skin is much smoother, clearer, and healthier than before. 

While Microdermabrasion is another method to rejuvenate your skin, it is a much more expensive and long way. But, if you don’t have the budget, there is nothing better than Microdermabrasion. Yet, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before using any of these devices.


What Are The Side Effects Of Using Dermasweep?

As such, there are no adverse side effects of using this device. Side-effects can only be experienced if you do not use the device properly or do not take appropriate care of your skin after using Dermasweep. 

Yet, the following are a few possible side -effects that you may experience when using Dermasweep:

  • Redness or irritation of the skin
  • Tight feeling around the eyes
  • Likely darkening skin on the face
  • Dryness and itching of the skin.
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