Waist Trainers for Men

The 15 Best Waist Trainers for Men in 2019

For most men, the idea of using a waist trainer is something we usually associate with women. This shouldn’t be surprising, given all the female celebrities and social media icons who use devices to give the illusion of having hourglass figures. These devices fall into broad categories – corsets, waist trimmers, and waist trainers. While … Read more

Tumescent Liposuction: A Safe Procedure In Trained, Qualified Hands

When most people think of liposuction, they are more than likely thinking of the procedure’s traditional form known as suction-assisted liposuction or dry liposuction. However, liposuction has come a long way since its early days. Dry liposuction simply involves inserting a small tube attached to a vacuum-like machine into a 2 – 3 millimeter incision … Read more

Acne Scar Treatment

Microneedling Pinpoints Acne Scars and Other Skin Concerns

We asked two beauty experts to weigh in on the effectiveness of microneedling for the treatment of acne scars. Here’s their advice. Every year, 50 million Americans suffer from acne. For many, the most common skin condition in the country clears up over time. However, others are left with a lasting reminder of the predominantly teen … Read more


Hypopigmentation: Causes, Types, and Treatment

What is hyperpigmentation? Hypopigmentation of the skin is the appearance of lighter skin on certain parts of the body, or across the whole of the body. It can be caused by many factors, some external, and some genetic. Both human skin and that of other living beings obtains its coloration from biological pigments. Skin color … Read more

elbow lipomas

What Is a Lipoma? Removal, Removal Cost, Causes, and Treatment

This issue is brought to you by Solomon Cosmetic Center What is a lipoma? Lipomas are benign tumors consisting largely of fat cells and, in some cases, blood vessels.The growths generally occur just below the surface of the skin and are easily visible.They can range in size from a very small pea to the size … Read more