Get Rid Of FUPA In 2 Weeks: Challenging, But Possible

Get rid of Fupa

Is the fat over your upper pubic area or FUPA hanging out like a pouch above your pubic region below the navel line too embarrassing for you? It is bothersome, especially if you feel a little challenged to wear a form-fitting dress of your choice.

The good news is that getting rid of FUPA faster than you expected is possible.

Controlling your tastebuds and chucking your laziness for exercise is required. For quick success, you can opt for surgical and nonsurgical ways to remove FUPA.

Despite your coordinated efforts with your doctor, the quantum of time taken for fat reduction may vary from person to person.

FUPA Elimination In Two Weeks: Goal Versus Reality

Remember that overall body weight reduction measures differ from FUPA reduction. Destroying fat from a single focused area is a tough call.

Along with your compliance with dietary restrictions and exercise regimen, the success of your efforts depends on your:

  • Total body fat percentage
  • Individual body constitution
  • Age
  • Genetic disposition
  • Associated health conditions and risk factors
  • Hormonal balance
  • Body’s protein absorption level

The following dos and don’ts lead to a healthy and safe FUPA reduction.

  • You should anticipate only realistic outcomes from the recommended measures.
  • Avoid overexerting yourself with exercise.
  • Avoid over-starving to kill your fat.
  • Before you venture into a treatment plan, consult your cosmetologist to verify the information you gather from the internet.

The strategy to eliminate FUPA is two-pronged – a natural, home-based approach and an invasive or noninvasive approach. What works for one person varies for others.

FUPA Elimination: Home-Based Approaches

Home-based approach involves calorie monitoring, diet plans, and exercise. Following one preferred method might not reduce your FUPA fat in a targeted time unless you follow a collective approach.

1. Calorie Monitoring

  • Watch Your Calories: Track your daily calories with an app.
  • Calibrate Your Intake: If your total daily consumption is 2000 calories, you should include around 300 grams of carbohydrates per day in your food.
  • Avoid Bingeing: Control your craving. Avoid feasting.

2. Diet Modifications

After checking with your cosmetologist or a dietician, you may consider a vegan diet, paleo diet, keto diet, low-fat diet, or others to include:

Proteins: The goal is to consume 1.6 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. Rich sources include lean meats such as lamb, veal, beef, and pork; poultry meat such as chicken, duck, turkey, goose, etc.

Fats: Substitute trans fats with good fats. Take Omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods, including seafood, avocados, eggs, olive oil, flaxseeds, pistachios, etc.

Carbohydrates: White carbohydrates are better than brown. Include brown bread, oatmeal, amaranth, etc. Avoid simple carbohydrates that offer no nutritional value, like white bread and white pasta. Choose complex carbohydrates like avocado, olive oil, nuts, and seeds.

Take more vegetables, sea foods, dairy foods, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, vitamin C, fiber, probiotics, herbs, and spices, as they have proven benefits to reduce overall body fat.

Avoid consuming solids or liquids that destroy the benefits of a good diet regimen. Watch out for fast foods, baked foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, processed foods, sugar-rich products, and bloating inducers.

3. Hydration

Drink water regularly every day to keep yourself well-hydrated. Consume a lot of water after workouts. Water replenishes your body with essential salts and helps to gradually melt fat.

4. Exercise Regimen

Start an exercise plan and stick to it. Based on your age, lifestyle, and prior exercise history, embrace a simple workout plan to start with. Then, push up the intensity and duration.

Beginner Level

  • Bodyweight Exercises – push-ups, lunges, squats, etc.
  • Core Strengthening Exercises – crunches, bird dog, bicycle crunch, deadbug, etc.
  • Pilates Mat Exercises – chest lift, knee folds, bridging, clams, dart, heel raise, one leg balance, supine toe tap
  • Cardio Workouts – inchworm, high knees, plank jack, marching in place, single leg stand, jogging in place, air jump rope, arm circles, jumping jacks, supine snow angel

Intermediate Level

  • Bodyweight Exercises – dumbbell front squat, dumbbell chest press, burpees, plank, squat jumps, jump rope, trunk rotation, screamer lunges, stair climb, lateral shuffles
  • Core Strengthening Exercises – Toe touches, plank shoulder taps
  • Pilates Mat Exercises – leg stretches, crisscross, side to side, side plank
  • Cardio Workouts – tuck jump, wide mountain climbers, classic burpee, flutter kick

Advanced Level

  • Bodyweight Exercises – Headstand wall walk, hanging leg raise, Cossack squat, elbow planchet, box jump, deadlift, bench press, leg press.
  • Core Strengthening Exercises – Dumbbell abdomen drag, dumbbell side plank snatch, chin-up knee drive
  • Pilates Mat Exercises – scarecrow, crab, side bend, star, twist, mountain climber, side plank with rotation, Turkish get-up
  • Cardio Workouts – squat jump, plyometric push-up, triceps push-up with mountain climber, bear crawl, jumping lunge

Apart from the above, you can stick and stay with running, walking, or swimming as feasible to help your overall weight decrease and targeted FUPA reduction.

If you can withstand more resistance, High-Intensity Interval Training will help you.

More recently, the Tabata exercise, a 4-minute Japanese variant of HIIT, is an option to gain followers you can try.

5. Sleep

To realize the full benefits of exercising and dieting, you should have plenty of sleep. Studies show that new and healthy cells grow and replenish more when you have a night of adequate sleep.

6. Breathing Techniques

Proper breathing technique not only relaxes your mind but aids in making you stay energetic. Practice concentrating on your inhalation and exhalation. Draw your stomach inward when you breathe out and balloon it when you breathe in. Avoid mouth-breathing.

FUPA Elimination: What Are The Clinical Approaches?

Surgical Methods

Following surgical alternatives are available to complement the above measures. Your suitability to each is decided upon consultation with your cosmetologist.

  • Monsplasty Or Pubic Lift: It is an invasive procedure, often done with a tummy tuck surgery. As the surplus fat needs to be removed from the lower belly and upper pubic region, incisions are made to open the skin. These are later closed with sutures. The incisions heal in around two months. Post-surgery on day #2, the patient is asked to take small but surefooted steps. Day #8, the patient can return to work.
  • Panniculectomy: Removes skin from the lower abdomen to help get a smooth abdominal contour.
  • Abdominoplasty Or Tummy Tuck: It is an intense surgery that involves more procedures. It removes extra fat and also tightens your abdominal muscle wall. It is classified as complete, partial, and circumferential.
  • FUPA Liposuction: It is a minimally-invasive method. Fat below your belly is suctioned using a cannula. The procedure is done under mild sedation with a local anesthetic.
  • Laser-Assisted Liposuction: It merges elements of surgical liposuction with laser. This procedure requires small incisions to be made as well as the insertion of instruments under the skin.

Nonsurgical Methods

  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • CoolSculpting
  • AirSculpting
  • Laser Lipolysis
  • Red Light Therapy

FUPA Elimination: Supplementary Treatment Measures

In addition to all the above methods, as ancillary support, the following lifestyle modifications help reduce FUPA. These measures are supportive for patients trying to reduce FUPA and preventive.

1. Avoid Stress: Increased cortisol hormone due to stress makes FUPA fat more obstinate. Further, uncontrolled stress can cripple your interest in trying natural methods and go for quick-fix solutions. Hence, practice managing stressful situations.

2. Practise Meditation: Meditation helps in relaxing your mind and also gaining control over situations. This is especially useful in sticking to your schedule and easily fighting cravings.

3. Try Yoga: Proper yoga postures with procedural movements help to decrease overall body weight.

4. Hobbies: Practise a hobby you enjoy. An active mind translates energy into a healthy body.


FUPA reduction in 2 weeks can be your goal, but complete elimination is a phased process. Hence, you should stick with your workout routine and diet plan to allow your body to respond. Your noncompliance may alter the results you hope for.

Be it an invasive or noninvasive method you adopt for FUPA reduction; you require a lot of energy to go through the process. Hence, consult your cosmetic surgeon to increase your metabolism and streamline your progress.


1. Can FUPA be eliminated without trying clinical options?

Possibly yes. It depends on your body constitution and lifestyle. Lifestyle modifications should be adopted and adhered to.

2. Is FUPA riddance achievable in a few weeks?

Apart from the guidelines mentioned earlier, controlled eating, regular workouts, and collaborating with your cosmetic specialist should aid in FUPA reduction fast.

3. What is the period for the complete elimination of FUPA?

It starts in the first few weeks and can go even higher in some patients. Patients are cautioned to have realistic expectations.

4. Should clinical approaches for FUPA erosion be taken as the first step?

Due to time constraints, if you expect faster results, per your cosmetologist’s advice, a direct surgical or nonsurgical clinical approach may be suitable.

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