Inframammary Incision: Pros And Cons

Inframammary cuts are small incisions made at the area where the breast meets the chest (below the breast area). The scar that results from an inframammary incision is skinny and is typically less than a couple of inches. Additionally, it is effective in hiding the incision, and it is also very effective at concealing.

What Is An Inframammary Strategy?

The inframammary method will be the most sensible option for breast enhancement when a surgeon is focused on the healing of tissue, bleeding, and accurate dissection of the breast pocket.

Inframammary Surgery: Is It the Most Appropriate Option?

Before having a breast enhancement procedure, you must make many important choices concerning incisions, such as the location of the incision. Surgeons cut incisions on the most obscure areas to avoid visible scarring. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. Inframammary incisions are among the most well-known choices for breast augmentation in the USA due to their versatility and near-invisibility.

The Inframammary Incision: Pros

  • Inframammary incisions are cut within the folds where the lower portion of the breast is positioned against the chest’s wall. Then, a saline or silicone implant is inserted beneath or over the muscle. 
  • Many patients choose this kind of incision, particularly those with more breast tissue below the nipple, as the scar is easily hidden with bikinis, bras, or even the breast. 
  • Due to the proximity of the incision near the surgery site, surgeons can have more control and precision in the placement of the implant and bleeding compared to other incisions.
  • As with the periareolar cut, the incision can be reopened for future procedures, if required, and this will mean no further scarring. In contrast to an incision for the periareolar region, an inframammary one has no danger of nerve injury in the nipples.

The Inframammary Incision: Cons

  • One disadvantage of the inframammary procedure is that it is difficult for patients to alter their breast size in the future from an aesthetic aspect. If a woman grows the size of her breasts, this can result in the scar rising to be located on the breast. 
  • If she reduces the size, the spot may slide down and become visible just below the breast fold.
  • The incision may also cause problems on the milk glands; therefore, it’s not recommended for younger women or women who intend to have children and breastfeed. 
  • The scar from the incision is usually between 0.5″-2″ in width and, even though it cannot be observed when wearing bikinis or bras, it could be noticeable when you raise your arms above you or lie in bed.
  • If patients start with small breasts or have no breast creases, It can be challenging for surgeons to put an incision in the right location, but this risk can be reduced by consulting a trained plastic surgeon.

Benefits Of An Inframammary Incision

  • Inframammary incisions are one of the most well-known alternatives. 
  • It is cut under the breast, along the fold between the wall of your chest and breast. 
  • This method is very simple and fastest and causes minor bleeding. 
  • The marks that are left after surgery will be hidden under the breasts. 
  • Inframammary cuts offer the least amount of post-operative discomfort and pain.

Is Inframammary Incision Risky?

As with the periareolar cut, the incision can be reopened for future operations; if needed, this means that there will be no further scarring. In contrast to an incision for the periareolar region, an inframammary one does not carry any additional risk of nerve injury within the nipples.

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