Is Patrician’s Nose A Noble Man’s Nose? – Let Us Discover

Patrician nose

None can objectively define what a beautiful face is. A face is as good-looking as its facial organs like the nose, ears, eyes, and lips, as well as the dentition.

The nose is located at the center of your face. Hence, its shape plays a role in ascertaining facial balance and harmony and providing an aesthetic appeal.

Nose Shape Differentiation

Nose shapes are widely classified in different ways based on the following:

Shape: Long, short, sharp, flat, narrow, etc.

Ethnicity: African, Caucasian, Oriental, Asian

Nationality: German, French, Poland, Roman

Comparison: Hawk-shaped, pug-shaped, eagle-shaped

Popular Persons: Nixon

Characters: Pinocchio

Deformity: Crooked, bumpy, bent, etc.

Patrician nose types or “Noble Man’s nose” denote the shape now prevalent in European nations, especially Italy. It also broadly refers to German, French, Roman, and Polish nose types

Commonly, any nose shape with a straight bridge, medium-wide flanks, and a pointed nose tip without deviation is branded as a Patrician nose. The term subtly implies people of aristocratic upbringing and those close to the rulers. It sports a healthy and rich look, hence the name.

Barring these, there are some cute nose shapes that females consider attractive. For example, a button-type nose has a smaller nasal bridge and is lifted at the top. It is very feminine in looks, and females who wish to undergo a nose job prefer to attain this.

For males, a nose with an angle of 90 degrees from the nasal tip to the top lip is fascinating. Downward-pointing noses, long noses, and straight noses are also attractive. A nose tip extending 2 mm below the tip of the nose is considered pleasing.

The term “patrician” originates from the Latin word “patricius.”

According to Roman history, “patrician” was the name given to members of the senatorial aristocracy appointed by Romulus, the city’s founder.

Since then, “patricians” refers to families close to rulers with more privileges and exclusive rights than ordinary clans. The Roman historical paintings, images, literature, and sculptures display the kind of nose in the figures, now known as the Patrician nose.

Due to this, the connection between the shape with nobility and blue blood runs together.

Medically, the nose, as an organ, aids in respiration. But human beliefs are beyond the realms of medical reasoning.

Though there is no logic or truth, some nose types, like Patrician noses, are linked to elite upbringing and aristocratic nurturing.

Patrician Nose: Shape And Structure

Why are Patrician nose types so enchanting?

The striking attribute of the Patrician nose lies in its prominent triangular shape – like an “inverted 7.”

The nose bridge is straight and high. The tip is well-pointed.

The nostrils are neither too big nor too small. They are flared.

According to plastic surgeons dealing in rhinoplasty, this is a popular shape. Most candidates who approach them for nose jobs aspire to have this.

Patrician Nose: How To Remodel Your Nose?

Suppose you are so fascinated by a Patrician nose that you are ready to go under the knife. In that case, you should intensively search and collaborate with a cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience. 

Dermal fillers are a nonsurgical option for symmetry improvement and nose tip correction. Though the results are visible immediately, they are transient and do not last long. Therefore, rhinoplasty will help you get a “Patrician type” nose.

Remember, you are trying to change the size and contour of your nose that you were naturally endowed with. Achievement of nasal symmetry or modifying the shape of nostrils or nose tip is a critical process.

A rhinoplasty procedure involves measuring in millimeters. For refinements, measurements are done to the nearest half-millimeter. All of this is significant work.

A cosmetic surgeon with expertise can make the nose bigger or smaller and even change the size and shape of the nasal tip. Your surgeon will be able to detail you after extensively viewing the images of your face and nose taken from various angles.

Patrician Nose: Surgery – What One Can And Cannot Expect

Scope Of Surgery

A cosmetic rhinoplasty to attain a Patrician nose can offer the following:

Symmetry: Attaining the optimum nasal symmetry, harmonious with overall facial features.

Straightening: A crooked nose can be straightened out to a gentler nose.

Nasal Passage Clearing: Rhinoplasty, in combination with septoplasty, apart from resetting the nose, can open up the nasal passages. This can unblock your nasal tunnel.


Though largely successful, not all are candidates to undergo this surgery. There are some limitations to this surgery as well as listed below:

1. Attainment Of Suitable Age: The age of maturity is roughly 17 for boys and 16 for girls. Hence, after one attains this, surgeons do this nose job for aesthetic purposes.

2. Tissue Health: The outcome can match your expectation depending on the cartilage and bony structure in your nose. If these structures are healthy to regrow, your surgeon will chart a course.

3. Anesthesia Tolerance: If your body does not support anesthesia due to inherent complaints, you may be ruled out of rhinoplasty.

4. Recovery Time: After the surgery, many months would be needed to gauge the changes. The altered shape will show up only in around a year.

5. Hemophilia: Patients whose bodies cannot withstand bleeding cannot undergo surgeries of this scale.

Patrician Nose: Pre And Post-Operative Instructions

You would be instructed on some dos and don’ts.

Pre Surgery

Smoking: It can cause complications both during surgery and the recovery period. If surgery is scheduled, you should refrain from smoking.

Health Maintenance: To enhance post-operative wellness, eat and exercise well before the surgery to aid recovery.

Drug Avoidance: If you are on blood thinners, you may be asked to stop taking them.

Post Surgery

Resting: Sleep always in an upright position to reduce postoperative swelling.

Sun Exposure: After surgery, your skin will be more sensitive than usual. Avoid sun exposure.

Movement Restrictions: Avoid bending down for the first two weeks. A change in pressure can impact the facial job.


With the world going gaga over celebrities’ way of living, any news about a successful “nose job” they go through catches the internet like fire. Eventually, more and more people rush to cosmetologists to find out if they can have a similar corrective surgery.

In 2016, Gwyneth Paltrow crowned the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman,” sports a nose that is an example of a Patrician nose. While some celebrities have undergone nose jobs to attain such shapes, many have talked about their refusal to go through surgery route to improve their looks.

As discussed above, the connection between Patrician nose types and one’s nobleness is a myth. However, the aesthetics of a Patrician nose could impress you. Find a suitable surgeon and act per his counsel if you wish to attain one.

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