Sniffing Out Nose Shapes: The 12 Most Common Nose Types

Most Common Nose Types

Whether you’re scouting ideas for a nose re-shaping procedure or just want to know which kind of nose you have, this list of the most common nose types will provide you with the insight you’re after.

Nose shapes are just like any other body part: no two are exactly alike. With that being said, there are shared features and commonalities that you can identify in order to help you figure out which nose most closely resembles your own.

According to Israeli professor Abraham Tamir, the majority of nose shapes can be classified into one of 14 distinct types, ranging from the fleshy nose, which is the most common by a landslide, to the less common snub nose and hawk nose. Prof. Tamir published his findings in a 2011 edition of the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

However, scholars have since determined that Prof. Tamir’s study has its drawbacks, most notably that it essentially only identifies the most common types of Caucasian noses. For that reason we’ve altered our list to include common nose shapes found in white populations as well as those seen more often in African Americans, Asians and Latinos.

Nose shapes are defined by a variety of factors, primarily the shape of the nasal bones and the nasal cartilage. During nose-reshaping surgery, doctors are able to manipulate by smoothing, augmenting and enhancing either the bones or the cartilage of the nose.

Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all nose shapes have their unique aesthetic advantages, the Roman nose, the snub nose, and the Greek nose are the most popular shapes requested by plastic surgery candidates.

» If you’re interested in discussing or undergoing a rhinoplasty, whether surgical rhinoplasty or non-invasive, use our cosmetic directory to find a board-certified plastic surgeon. It’s important to weigh your options and seek multiple professional opinions before considering this procedure.

The 12 Most Common Nose Types

Fleshy Nose

By far the most common nose shape identified in Prof. Tamir’s study, the fleshy nose accounts for over 24 percent of noses. This type of nose, which was dubbed “The Einstein” by CBS News (because of Einstein’s blatantly fleshy sniffer) is marked by its bulbous appearance.

Fleshy Nose
Albert Einstein

Typically, fleshy noses are identified by their large, protruding shape. They can be petite as well, just so long as they have more of a fatty appearance than a bony one. In addition to Albert Einstein, many famous celebs sport the fleshy nose, including Prince Philip and Mark Ruffalo.

Turned-Up Nose

The turned-up nose, aka the celestial nose, is exactly what you’d expect it to be: a relatively small nose with a dent at the middle of the bridge and a protruding lobule, or tip. Celebrities like Emma Stone have made the turned-up nose extra desirable, with plastic surgeons reporting that hers is one of the most-oft requested nose shapes identified by nose-reshaping surgery candidates.

Turned-Up Nose
Emma Stone

Sometimes the corrected up-turned nose can arguably go a little too far, as in the case of Michael Jackson’s nose post-plastic surgery, but such anomalies aside, the top board-certified rhinoplasty surgeons have pretty well perfected the art of the celestial nose. Along with Emma Stone, English Actress Carey Mulligan is also known for her upturned nose. About 13 percent of people share the celestial nose.

Carey Mulligan Nose Job

Carey Mulligan is a British actress nominated for several awards, including an Academy Award and a BAFTA Award. While she is widely lauded for her talent, some have speculated that her success may be due partly to her appearance. In particular, many have speculated that Mulligan has had a nose job.

While Carey Mulligan has never confirmed or denied these rumors, it is undeniable that her nose appears narrower and more refined than it did in her earlier work. However, it is also possible that the change in her appearance is due to natural aging or make-up changes. Whether or not Mulligan has had surgery, she is undoubtedly a beautiful and talented actress who has earned critical acclaim for her work.

Is An Upturned Nose Attractive?

This question has been debated for centuries. Some say that an upturned nose is a sign of beauty, while others believe it is merely a matter of preference. Many famous people with turned-up noses include Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn.

These women are considered to be some of the most beautiful in history. While there is no definitive answer to this question, it seems safe to say that turned-up noses are certainly not a deal-breaker when it comes to attraction. Ultimately, whether or not an upturned nose is attractive is up to the individual.

Roman Nose

Much like the less-common Greek nose, the Roman nose is named so because it resembles the noses found on the faces of many ancient Roman sculptures. The Roman nose is marked by its sloping curve that prominently protrudes from the face. Its exaggerated bridge often has a slight bend or curve.

Roman Nose
Ryan Gosling

This European sniffer is often found in those with a strong, defined profile. Celebrities with a Roman nose shape include Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise (proof, perhaps, that even the most dramatic nose shapes don’t deter from attractiveness). Roughly 9 percent of the global population have Roman noses.

Bumpy Nose

Also found in approximately 9 percent of the population, the Bumpy Nose is another one of the world’s most common nose shapes. This nose is marked by its bumpy outline, with either a subtle or prominent curve in the dip.

Bumpy Nose
Owen Wilson

Those with a bumpy nose are among the most common candidates for rhinoplasty, as it’s relatively simple for surgeons to smooth bumps (sometimes in minimally invasive no-knife nose job procedures) when compared to other procedures, like widening and slimming.

Did Owen Wilson Have A Nose Job?

Some speculate that Owen Wilson may have had a nose job. He now has a different-looking nose than when he first started in Hollywood.

Owen had two accidents and needed two rhinoplasty procedures to fix his nose. These procedures are used to remodel a person’s nose or to fix a deviated septum. That explains why the actor’s nose seemed to be shaped strangely.

Has Owen Wilson Had Plastic Surgery?

Although it is impossible to determine whether or not Owen Wilson has had plastic surgery, some indications are that he may have gone under the knife. For one thing, his face looks noticeably different in recent years.

His nose appears to be thinner and more pointed, and his cheekbones seem to be more pronounced. In addition, he has been photographed on several occasions with what appears to be Band-Aids on his face, which is often a sign that someone has recently undergone a cosmetic procedure.

Of course, it is also possible that Owen Wilson’s changing appearance is simply the result of aging or weight loss. However, given the significant changes to his appearance, it seems likely that at least some of them are due to plastic surgery.

Is Bumpy Nose A Crooked Nose?

The terms “bumpy nose” and “crooked nose” are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different types of nose deformities. A bumpy nose is typically the result of an injury or trauma that has damaged the cartilage, resulting in a visible bump or lump.

On the other hand, a crooked nose is usually caused by a congenital deformity or genetic disorder that affects how the nose develops. As a result, a crooked nose may be more severe than a bumpy nose and may require surgery to correct it. However, a skilled surgeon can cosmetically correct both types of nose deformities.

Snub Nose

Sometimes referred to as “The Mirren,” since it resembles the nose of Actress Helen Mirren, the snub nose is marked by its distinctive thin and pointed appearance. Those with a snub nose will also notice that it features a smaller, slightly rounder silhouette with a subtle upward slope at the tip.

Snub Nose
Helen Mirren

It differs from the celestial nose in that it has a softer, rounder shape rather than a pointy appearance. According to Prof. Tamir’s study, only 5 percent of those surveyed had a snub nose.

Hawk Nose

Marked by its dramatic curved shape and prominent bridge, the hawk nose gets its name because it resembles the curved beak of an eagle and other predatory birds. The hawk nose is also referred to as the beak nose or aquiline nose (the word aquiline means “eagle-like”), and is a significant contributing factor to face shapes with strong profiles.

Hawk Nose
Adrian Brody

Celebrities with hawk noses include Adrian Brody, Barbra Streisand and Daniel Radcliffe. According to Prof. Tamir’s study, 4.9 percent of people have a hawk-shaped nose.

Greek Nose

Sometimes referred to as “the straight nose,” the Greek nose is often the envy of those of us with crooked noses. This type of nose is defined by its remarkably straight bridge, which is generally free of any humps or curves, and gets its name from the perfectly straight noses on centuries-old sculptures of Greek gods.

Greek Nose
Jennifer Aniston

A good example of a celebrity with a Greek nose is Jennifer Aniston, who — no surprise here — is a second-generation Greek. Her father, Greek-born Actor John Aniston, also sports the Greek “schnoz”. Princess Kate Middleton also has a good example of the Greek nose. Only about 3 percent of people share the Greek nose shape.

Nubian Nose

Featuring a longer bridge with a wide base, the Nubian nose, also called the wide nose, is most commonly found in those of African descent. According to the plastic surgeons we spoke to for the purposes of this article, people with Nubian noses tend to be regular recipients of plastic surgery, with patients often requesting narrowing procedures.

Nubian nose

We think the Nubian nose needs no adjusting though, especially considering that some of the best-looking celebs — Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union and Michael Ealy among them — have this nose shape.

Wide Nose Bridge

There are various types of nose jobs performed to correct a wide nose. One option is Nubian rhinoplasty, designed to reduce the width of the nose and create a more defined shape. This procedure is often combined with other techniques, such as septoplasty, to achieve the desired results. Nubian rhinoplasty typically involves incisions inside the nostrils and manipulating the underlying bone and cartilage.

East Asian Nose

Although it varies from country to country, the East Asian nose — marked by its slim, flat shape with a shorter tip — is one of the most common nose shapes among those who come from East Asian regions. According to Los Angeles-based rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Charles Lee, many Asian patients request a widening of the nose in order to complement the rest of their facial features.

East Asian Nose
Lucy Liu

With that being said, many people with wider and larger nose shapes request reshaping surgeries to make their nose look more like the East Asian nose.

Nixon Nose

Aptly named because it resembles the iconic feature found on the 37th president of the United States, the Nixon nose is one of the least common nose shapes.

Nixon Nose
Richard Nixon

This prominent nose type is marked by its straight bridge, which curves at the end with a wider tip. Less than 1 percent of the population surveyed in Prof. Tamir’s study had a Nixon nose.

Bulbous Nose

Found in less than 0.5 percent of the population, this rare nose shape is defined by its rounded, curved tip, which often protrudes outward to create a bulbous, circular silhouette at the bottom of the nose.

Bulbous Nose
Bill Clinton

The most famous examples of celebrities with the bulbous nose are Bill Clinton and Aussie Actor Leo McKern, with the bulbous nose commonly used as exaggerated feature in caricatures and cartoons.

Combo Nose

Though not technically its own nose shape, the combo nose takes components from various different nose shapes to create a unique silhouette. As you may have noticed, some celebs were listed twice as nose-shape examples, proving that even the rich and famous have nose shapes that don’t necessarily fall into a specific category.

Combo Nose
Barbara Streisand

For example, Barbra Streisand is a good example of a celeb who (pre-rhinoplasty) had a hawk-shaped nose with a bump. Those with combo noses prove that noses are like snowflakes, no two are exactly the same.

Models With Big Noses

  • Lea Michele Sarfati is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and author, and she is also famous for her big nose.
  • Uma Karuna Thurman is also a famous American actress, producer, and fashion model with a big nose. 

Models With Hooked Noses

  • Anne Catherine Lacroix, a veteran Belgian model with a successful career, has an asymmetrical jawline and a big hooked nose.
  • Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, an Indian actress who works in Hindi films, is famous for winning National Film Award and a Filmfare Award, and her big hooked nose.

How To Shape My Nose Naturally?

If you’re distressed about the shape of your nose and would like to change it, there are a few ways to change the shape of your nose without surgery. One popular option is dermal fillers. This cosmetic procedure involves injecting a gel-like substance into the nose to alter its shape.

A filler can add volume to the nose, smooth out bumps and indentations, and even change the angle of the nose. The results of dermal fillers are typically temporary, lasting six months to a year. However, fillers can be re-injected every few months if desired.

Another cheapest and easiest option is contouring with make-up. You can use make-up to highlight or shadow certain areas of your nose, giving it a different appearance.

Simply put, there isn’t anything like a natural remedy that can change the size or shape of something. To further discuss this, it is important to first comprehend that the nose is merely made of bone and cartilage. Cartilage is not a muscle but a connective tissue.

Since cartilage does not have the same suppleness and size variation as muscle, neither massage nor anti-inflammatory medications can improve the external appearance.

The idea that nose shaper, nose huggie, nose clips, or nose exercises reshape your nose is completely false. They won’t change the size or shape of one’s nose, which means it would be impossible for them to have any effect aesthetically.

Natural therapies are not an option when having your nose recast.

Do Nose Piercings Affect Your Nose Shape?

Nose piercing has been a popular form of body modification for centuries. In recent years, however, there has been some concern that nose piercings may permanently damage the nose. While it is true that nose piercings can cause some temporary swelling and irritation, there is no evidence to suggest that they permanently alter the shape or size of the nose.

Nose piercings are generally considered to be safe when they are performed by a licensed professional. So, if you’re considering getting a nose piercing, there’s no need to worry about its impact on your nose shape.


Q1. How to make your nose less pointy?

A pointy nose appears due to excess cartilage at the tip of the nose or the projecting nasal septum cartilage. The excess cartilage can be reduced through nose reshaping surgery.   The Rhinoplasty procedure can be done to alter the pointing nose.

This procedure changes the entire nose’s appearance making the nose tip look softer and rounder, resulting in the overall facial balance of an individual with minimum recovery time.

Q2. How to get a small nose?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a Nose job, is the only surgical way to reduce the nose size. Rhinoplasty has proved to be effective. Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty or the liquid nose job provides a less expensive alternative.

This procedure uses Dermal fillers to shape the nose proportionately to the face. But this would provide only a temporary solution.

Q3. What is the best nose for a heart-shaped face?

A heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and a pointed chin.

Q4. How to get a perfect nose?

A perfect nose is in proportion with the rest of the facial features. To get an ideal nose, we can either go for Rhinoplasty surgery or opt for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty.

We can also do the following for a perfect nose –  (i) Do breathing exercises (ii) Wiggle the nose often (iii) Contour with make-up (iv) Smile more often (v) Do specific nose massages (vi) Wear specialized face masks 

Q5. What Does a Pretty Nose Look like?

 A Pretty Nose is small, smooth, and symmetrical. The width of the nose should be narrow, and the nasal tip should be pointy. The angle between the upper lip and nasal base also helps define the masculine or feminine features of the nose. The overall look of the nose should suit the rest of your face.

Q6. How to have a smaller nose?

Rhinoplasty is the only effective method for a smaller nose. Dermal fillers are an alternative in case surgery is not preferred. No natural ways to reduce nose size have been proven scientifically. You can use Make-up techniques to make the nose look smaller temporarily. Contouring the nose using foundation, concealer, and sculpting powder will help to create a perfect shape.

Q7. What is a button nose?

A button nose is a small and cute nose. It looks hemispherical, and most babies have this sort of nose. The nose resembles a circle, and the two nostrils look like two button holes. The genes GLI3, PAX1, and DCH2 control the cartilage growth and result in a button nose.

Q8. How to contour a button nose?

Draw two parallel thin lines till the nose end using the darkest shade. At the tip, draw a horizontal line to connect the parallel lines. Draw an additional line above the connecting line and complete it as a box. Blending these lines and adding a highlighter would give a button-nose effect.

Q9. What is a nose silhouette?

Nose silhouettes are outlines of the nose filled with a solid black color. These images are drawn for easy recognition.

Q10. How to make my nose hole smaller?

The following treatments can be done to make the holes look smaller:

  • Salicylic acid helps to dry out the skin cells in deep pores. Usage of salicylic acid-containing cleanser, toner, or spot treatment can be used once or twice a week
  • Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and oils on the surface, which would make the nose hole look smaller
  • Chemical peels also help reduce the pore’s appearance

Q11. How to get a pointed nose?

Rhinoplasty is an effective method for a pointed nose. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty can also be tried as an alternative. Contouring your nose has a temporary effect. Breathing exercises can be practiced regularly.

Q12. Why are my nostrils different in size?

A deviated septum is the reason for uneven nostrils. Asymmetric nostrils are completely normal. Sometimes this deviation may cause nose bleeds or difficulty in breathing. You need to take advice from your doctor if this deviation affects your quality of life.

Does Shaping Your Nose Make You Look And Feel Amazing?

We have curated a list of products to help you shape your nose and a few accessories that may help you add beauty to your nose.

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