Is Triple Nose Piercing Safe? Benefits, Risks and Treatment

Triple nose piercing
Triple nose piercing

Nose piercing will continue to be popular, whether it is 2023 or 2050. One of the best things about nose piercing is that there are various choices like septum piercing, nostril piercing, bridge piercing, etc.

But Triple nose piercing has always been a center of attraction for many!

Except some questions like, 

“Is triple nose piercing healthy?” 

“Is triple nose piercing unpleasant?” is a concerning factor.

Triple nose piercing looks good irrespective of your nose shape. People may have a triple nose piercing on the same nostril or two holes over one nostril and just one hole on the other. Triple nostril piercing may take six months to 1 year to heal. 

Learn more about triple nose piercing, its effects, and how to manage them effectively.

Is It Healthy To Have A Triple Nose Piercing?

Triple nose piercing carries its effects, just like any other nose piercing. You might get infected unless you get your nose pierced by a professional. Some of the effects of triple nose piercing include

  • Infection: A bacterial infection can occur on the interior part of your nose. And improperly sanitized equipment could expose you to diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, C, or tetanus.
  • Bleeding: In comparison to pierced nares, the septum can bleed more. Additionally, you can develop a hematoma, a huge bruise that might infect you or leave you with a disfigured face.
  • Loose jewelry: Stud backs or nose rings may get unfastened or move around in your hole. If that occurs, you might ingest or inhale the tiny metal pieces. The lining of your nose may become snagged by loose studs or backs.
  • Allergic response: You may have an allergy to the metal in the nose jewelry.
  • Nerve damage: Piercing the nose may injure a nerve, resulting in numbness or pain.

If you have these problems with your nose piercing, consult your doctor immediately and take the necessary medication.

Is It Cool To Have A Triple Nose Piercing?

Yes, it is cool to have a triple nose piercing. Here are some reasons:

  • Fashion Statement: In the past, getting your nose pierced symbolized toughness and disobedience. This is no longer the case, as nose piercings can now be both incredibly trendy and attractive. Nose piercings are becoming more and more common, and they are also currently highly fashionable. 
  • Different Areas To Pierce: Fortunately for those who aren’t sure, you can get varied triple nose piercings to give you different looks. Of course, the side of the nostril, on either the left or right, is the most preferred area for a triple nose piercing. 
  • Numerous Jewelry Options: You can select a variety of jewelry for your triple nose piercing, depending on your style. Small studs, hoops, captive bead rings, horseshoe rings, and curved or straight barbells are all great options. 
  • Heals Quickly (If done by a professional): When a nose piercing is performed properly and aftercare instructions are followed, the wound usually heals rapidly. To ensure good healing, you must take care of your piercing, which entails keeping it clean and avoiding touching the area as much as possible. 

There can be a thousand reasons to flaunt your triple nose piercing, but if you have prolonged ill-effects, it is time to visit your physician immediately. 

Drawbacks Of Having Triple Nose Piercing

The following are drawbacks to having triple nose piercing:

  • Infection Risk: A triple nose piercing carries a significant risk of infection due to the staphylococcus bacteria that are present in large numbers in the nasal canal. You should get counseling from your piercer if you suspect an infection. Antibiotics can clear this up, but any infection should be addressed right away. Any delays in therapy run the risk of leaving a permanent scar.
  • Cleaning Your Triple Nose Piercing Is Not The Easiest: Cleaning your nose piercing is not the most pleasurable or easy experience. Always use a cotton swab and a saline solution. Avoid sneezing at all costs! No matter how difficult it may be to clean your nose piercing, you should continue it until the wound is fully healed. Failure to do so may cause infection and postpone healing.
  • Visibility: Keep in mind that you won’t be able to remove the jewelry while your piercing is healing. This means that if you have a facial piercing and it is prohibited at your place of employment or education, you may run into trouble until the wound is fully healed.

Triple Nose Piercing Bump And How To Treat Them

A triple nose piercing needs two to six months to heal fully. However, if you notice a bump on your nose, it can indicate an infection or another issue.

The following are some typical reasons why people get bumps after getting their noses pierced:

1. An allergic reaction typically results in tiny bumps followed by a red rash, scaly skin, and itching. While not painful, these allergic rashes can be quite irritating.

Treatment: To prevent allergies, it is advisable to use hypoallergenic piercings and non-irritating metals.

2. A red lump that indicates inflammation is called a granuloma. They appear directly adjacent to the piercing site and are quite small. They may bleed readily and are frequently brownish-black or reddish.

Treatment: It’s better to let a granuloma heal naturally once you’ve noticed it. You must visit a dermatologist if it stays for a few days.

3. You can be more susceptible to developing an infection if you don’t follow aftercare instructions after getting your nose pierced. You may be suffering from an infection if you notice a little lump filled with pus.

Treatment: Wash your hands well twice daily and apply a saline solution to your piercing. Still, visit a doctor immediately if you develop infection-related symptoms, such as pus or excruciating pain.

4. A keloid, red or flesh-colored, may appear in your pierced area. A keloid is more likely to develop in people with darker skin tones or hereditary tendencies.

Treatment: If you find a keloid, have your piercing removed because they don’t go away on their own. Consult a doctor if the symptoms persist.

5. One of the most frequent reasons for a nasal bump is tissue injury, which appears swollen and reddish. This tissue-damaged nose bump’s size varies on how much tissue was injured; therefore, there is no set size for it. Frequently clearing your nose or replacing the jewelry too soon might cause tissue injury.

Treatment: You don’t need to see a doctor if you have a small lump on your nose from tissue damage; it will likely go away on its own. However, if you experience further symptoms like bleeding, pus, or pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

When To See A Doctor?

Nose piercing may take a certain time to heal. Call your doctor if any of the following infection warning signals appear:

  • Fever.
  • Skin around the piercing that is red, swollen, extremely painful, or tender.
  • Yellow or green sludge pouring from the location.

How To Be Safe With A Triple Nose Piercing?

Make sure you follow the instructions listed below to prevent complications while taking nose piercing:

  • Before touching the jewelry on your nose or the piercing area, wash your hands.
  • Use a gauze pad dipped in saline solution to gently clean your nose. With a brand-new paper towel, pat the spot dry.
  • Wait until your nose has healed before entering any potentially unclean water. Avoid hot tubs, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools.
  • Avoid applying antibacterial ointments to the area.
  • Wait until your nose is healed before moving your jewelry.
  • Use fresh sheets while you sleep; substitute showers for baths.

Final Words

Triple nose piercings can look stunning. However, it would be best to consider every possibility before making a decision. Since it is visible, there may be issues if it is prohibited at work or school. 

Fortunately, you own your nose; therefore, no one should be able to prevent you from getting that piercing if you want it badly enough.


Q: How long does a triple nose piercing take to heal?

A: Triple nose piercings recover fully in between two and four months.

Q: How much does a triple nose piercing typically cost?

A: The typical price range for a triple nose piercing is $30 to $90.

Q: How uncomfortable are triple piercings of the nose?

A: There will be some pain when your nose is pierced. You might initially experience some bleeding, bruising, swelling, or pain. It could be swollen, sensitive, and red for three weeks.

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