Jersey Shore Plastic Surgery Rumors: We Asked the Experts

Jersey Shore Plastic Surgery Rumors
  • The Jersey Shore’s cast members are back together, nearly nine years after the show began.
  • Several have had cosmetic surgery, although they aren’t necessarily talking about it.
  • We asked two expert surgeons to tell us what work may have been done.

The Jersey Shore crew have come together for a special reunion, and fans are noticing that many of the original cast members don’t look quite like their former selves.

Some have proudly admitted to undergoing plastic surgery, while others appear to have had work done but aren’t as open about it.

We asked plastic surgeons Dr. Chad Deal in Chattanooga, TN, and Dr. Frank J. Ferraro in Paramus, NJ, to “out” the stars who have gone under the knife and share their thoughts on the results.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: injections and breast enhancement

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, one of the standout stars of the original show, has had plenty of work done over the past several years.

Back in August 2015, Snooki posted on Instagram about her first time getting her lips plumped — and how much she loved it.

“First session of lip plumps and it’s just fabulous. I’ve always hated my thin lips and never thought I had the balls to get needles in my lip to perfect them but I did,” she said.

A year later, Snooki posted about getting her first Botox injections. She claimed she was “terrified” of having the injections in her forehead and around her nose, but doesn’t seem displeased with the results.

Snooki also had breast implant surgery the following year. She called it her “mommy makeover” and upgraded to a C cup while having the shape touched up.

“Being a mom, obviously, your boobs are destroyed after having kids, especially after breastfeeding,” she said. “I want to look hot for my husband, but I also want to feel great about myself and that was just an insecurity that I had.”

There are also rumors that Snooki had a nose job. This remains unconfirmed by the TV star, however.

As for a professional opinion? Dr. Deal has only positive things to say about Snooki’s new look.

“Snooki has done a great job at maintaining her looks and clearing up her skin,” he says. “Her lip fillers look voluptuous, but not overdone. Kudos for keeping it fresh and simple.”

Dr. Ferraro concurs, adding, “Overall, Snooki looks much better with a little weight loss, lip fillers, Botox and possibly an upper lid blepharoplasty.”

Jennifer “JWoww” Lynn Farley: only breast augmentation?

Headlines abound trumpeting the differences between 2009-era Jennifer Lynn Farley (JWoww) and her current incarnation.

She’s been very open about her multiple breast augmentations. She had her first one at age 18, after being inspired by Carmen Electra. She had another round of surgery in 2015, when she decided to get a fresh set of implants while remaining at her previous size — an impressive 34F.

Dr. Deal certainly approves of the effects, noting that “Her body work has been great, as noted by the many ads and the social media popularity of her looks. JWoww indeed!”

Although the celebrity gossip mill has plenty to say about her appearance, JWoww is adamant that she has not had any surgery done to her face. Instead, she attributes her improved looks to her knowledge of makeup.

She lists the accusations saying, “I got… let’s go top to bottom: chin, cheeks, eyebrow, nose, jaw reconstruction, all that good stuff,” and retorts, “I laugh. I laugh because I haven’t. I take it as a compliment because I don’t want to look like the girl I was at age 25, walking into the Jersey Shore house with no knowledge of makeup.”

Dr. Deal, however, disagrees. “JWoww has clearly had a rhinoplasty with a more refined and turned-up tip. Her lips are also more plumped — these are great looks for her,” he explains.

It’s not all good news for her, though: “She may be doing a little too much to the face and cheeks this early on in her life, and risks beginning to look plastic,” Dr. Deal speculates.

Dr. Ferraro adds that “JWoww’s facial changes were possibly done with Voluma to her cheeks, Botox to the brow and forehead, and likely, lip fillers.”

Angelina Pivarnick: breast lift, lip injections

Angelina Pivarnick certainly looks different, and it’s largely due to her breast lift. She reportedly spent $15,000 USD on breast surgery.

Pivarnick claims that the main reason she went through with the procedure was due to her insecurity about her sagging breasts. This was mainly due to her weight loss from the first two seasons of the show.

She reports that she feels much better about herself now, and has regained confidence in her body. She’s also had lip injections.

There’s been a fair bit of debate about whether or not Angelina has had other work done, like Botox or a nose job, but so far she’s kept quiet on the topic.

“Angelina appears to have gotten lip and cheek enhancements that look very natural,” notes Dr. Deal, who also has good words to say about the general appearance of her skin. “Quality skin care, high end lasers, and light treatments can achieve and maintain this look very well.”

Dr. Ferraro agrees. “It also looks like she has had lip fillers like Juvederm, and Botox between the brows,” he adds.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: injections… and sobriety

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has definitely toned down both his attitude and his look. From the aggressive, hard-headed character he was known as on the show, he’s become much calmer. Even his skin appears smoother.

Sorrentino has admitted to getting Botox on his face. His doctor, who worked on numerous other Jersey Shore members, calls Botox for men “bro-tox.” Sorrentino may also look different since he’s stopped using painkillers. He’s been sober for more than two years now, which can certainly improve the way a person looks.

Dr. Deal has mostly positive things to say about Mike. “Mike looks healthy and happy. His cheeks look a bit full, though. Who knows if he has had them enhanced, but he does look a little unnatural. Overall though he appears youthful and refreshed.”

Dr. Ferraro theorizes that “It looks like his cheeks have been injected with Voluma and the area between the brow has had Botox.” He goes on to explain that “The former can increase volume, while the latter paralyzes the muscle to effect a more youthful and rested appearance.”

Deena Nicole Cortese: lip fillers, and possibly a nose job

Deena has confirmed that she had her lips plumped after a very plump-lipped Instagram photo.

In response to negative comments, she defended her procedure, saying, “I know, but I love them. I won’t go any bigger… I’m very happy with them now tho… isn’t that’s what matters? Plus they unfortunately are going to go down. They are swollen.”

Many people both on Instagram and in celebrity gossip pages have been spreading rumors about her of having a nose job, but she has vehemently denied any such procedure.

Dr. Deal raves about Deena’s new look. “Deena looks great! Very natural with the appearance of quality skin care and maybe some skin resurfacing,” he says. “Clearly she is using Botox as well and had her teeth whitened. Who knows what her secret is, but laser or light treatments like BBL or HALO could do it.”

There’s another simple, but important change to her look he points out. “She also appears to have lost weight. Combining natural looking enhancements in the office with fitness and nutrition at home — this is almost always the best look! ”

Still creating buzz in the bizz

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine years since these stars splashed onto our TV screens and into pop culture. The Jersey Shore remains one of MTV’s most popular shows to this day — hence the cash-in on the reunion show.

Most of the cast have changed their appearance with the help of plastic surgery, and in general our experts approve of the results.

Here’s hoping the group continues on this upward trend, and that their new looks mature just as gracefully as their personalities have.

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