16 Last Minute Beauty Gifts You’ll Want To Buy For Yourself, Too

beauty gift box

Did you leave your holidays shopping until the very last minute? Not to worry – with this list of 16 beauty products, you’re sure to find gift ideas that will impress even the most discerning med spa devotee.

1. Dermaflash Exfoliating Device

Dermaflash, $189

The Dermaflash is a noninvasive, professional-quality exfoliation device that uses a subtle sonic vibration to remove dull, dead surface cells, built up debris and peach fuzz. Inspired by the ‘in spa’ dermaplaning facial, the entire treatment takes less than ten minutes a week and is safe for all ages, skin types and ethnicities.

2. Baby Quasar Light Therapy

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are all about LED light therapy, a trend that’s picking up in households across the country as hand-held devices become more readily available (and easier to add to your skincare regimen than routine med spa appointments). The Baby Quasar combines blue- and red-light LED therapy to stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines, and treat blemishes. Developed by NASA, the product is 100% effective, safe, FDA-approved and made in the USA.

3. Pulse Intimate Lubricant Dispenser

Pulse, $249

Created with an expert team of product development engineers, including the both the Co-Founder and the VP of Innovation of Clarisonic, Pulse is the first device of its kind – and a gift you won’t want to give when the whole the family is around. “The stylish and modern touchless warming dispenser delivers uninterrupted moments of pleasure, while at the same time improving the health and wellness of a woman’s vagina with FDA proven safe and highly silky lubricant formulas,” explains Pulse CEO Amy Buckalter.

The Pulse’s Aloe-Ahh silicone-based lubricant contains Aloe and Vitamin E, providing cushioning and rejuvenating for the vagina. “There’s nothing like the feeling of luxuriously warmed lubricant to relax the vaginal tissues and enhance the comfort of one’s intimate experience,” says Buckalter. “It’s simply a total game-changer.”

4. Rodan + Fields Redefine

Redefine is Rodan + Fields’ comprehensive skin care line to help fight the signs of aging. The products contain high concentrations of peptides, antioxidants, and other anti-aging ingredients for improving skin tone and reducing wrinkle visibility. “I love using Rodan + Fields because it has erased years of sun damage,” says Sales Executive Consultant Nicol Costantino Frewerd. “I cannot say enough about how easy it is to use in four steps, and your face feels amazing!”

5. Gundry MD Supplements and Skincare

Cardiac surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry created the Gundry MD skincare line because, just like the heart, your skin – the body’s largest organ – needs probiotics and polyphenols to stay healthy. “By helping patients reverse disease through diet, I have seen the health benefits of polyphenols – powerful antioxidants found in plants – and probiotics for both the heart and the body as a whole. I just knew they would be beneficial to apply topically as well,” he says.

And science confirms his idea. “A 2009 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry revealed that when polyphenols were applied to the skin, it helped to enhance skin cell growth and protect it from ultraviolet radiation,” says Dr. Gundry. “While polyphenol grape seed or red wine treatments are all the rage in spas, Gundry MD Skincare is a spa treatment you give your face and hands every day, for a fraction of the cost.”

6. Meg 21 With Supplamine

meg 21
Meg 21, $36-$140

Dr. Annette Tobia, a molecular biologist and aging expert, created the Meg 21 anti aging skincare line while performing research on skin-aging enzymes. Toxic sugars in the skin are a leading cause of inflammation, skin aging and wrinkling. She stumbled upon a compound that intervenes in this process: “I took the compound home and started to play with it in my bathroom… concocting cream after cream until I felt it was just right and making a difference on my own sixty-three year old skin. I raised enough money to launch a brand, and MEG 21 with Supplamine was born,” she says.

Meg 21 addresses the most common signs of aging: crepiness, dryness, and loss of elasticity. The active compound, Supplamine, fights inflammation, glycation and oxidative-stress – three key factors in accelerated aging. The products are carried in physician offices and medical spas, and are routinely incorporated into treatments. Their calming properties make them ideal for more aggressive treatments such as laser or microdermabrasion, and they contain no harsh exfoliating ingredients or irritants.

7. Jouviance Sensitive Skincare Products

Jouviance, $22-$69

This August, Jouviance launched its line of 18 sensitive skincare anti-aging products in CVS pharmacies across the United States. Their derm-developed, derm-tested products are produced in-house at the DermaPure labs in Montreal, and were originally only sold in plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology offices. Jouviance’s Collagen Boost Serum is made with its exclusive, patented ingredient, Pro-Collagen Activator Complex, that stimulates skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, delivering some of the same effects as a hyaluronic acid filler injection after just two weeks of use.

8. PMD Anti-Aging Mask

collagen mask
PMD Anti-Aging Mask, $40 for a box of 5

PMD recently launched its new anti-aging collagen infusing sheet mask. Using rejuvenating ingredients such as olive oil and collagen, these masks provide deep hydration, soothe the skin, and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. “Hydration is one of the most important parts of a typical skincare routine and oftentimes one of the most overlooked,” says Sam Alexander, CEO of PMD. “We wanted to create an easy way for our customers to get the hydration their skin needs in a convenient and effective way.”

Especially formulated to serve as a boost for dull, dehydrated skin, the masks offers a quick 15-20 minute fix. Primary ingredients: hyaluronic acid, for its unique ability to attract and hold moisture in the skin; acetyl tetrapeptide, to relieve sensitive skin by decreasing the release of inflammation triggers; collagen, to tighten the skin; olive oil, to reduce free-radical damage and prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

9. Robin McGraw Revelation

robin mcgraw revelation
Robin McGraw Revelation, prices start at $22.

You may have read books by Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw, but did you know she also partnered with a dermatologist to launch a new skin care line? “As a dermatologist, I see the difference in my patients’ skin when they take care of themselves. But as I tell my patients, it’s not just about the skin; it’s about taking care of the whole person inside and out,” says Dr. Jessica Wu, exclusive chief medical advisor for Robin McGraw Revelation. “Robin and I realized that by working together we have the opportunity to help women everywhere with an offer of professional-grade skincare products at attainable prices.”

10. PCA Skin’s Dual Action Redness Relief

It’s winter and the skin gets a little sensitive. What to do? PCA Skin’s Dual Action Redness Relief reduces redness and inflammation on contact. It also helps irritated skin recover faster after peels and other medical spa treatments.

11. Oxygenetix Breathable Post Procedure Foundation

Oxygenetix foundations and moisturizers cover, support healing and reduce downtime following aesthetic procedures. Designed by doctors, these skincare and makeup products address a variety of skin issues as well, such as rashes, acne scars, and rosacea.

12. LC Cell Skin and Hair Stem Cell Treatments

LC Cell Anti-Aging Serum, inquire for prices.

Human stem cell technology has been a revolution in many fields of regenerative medicine for over thirty years, from treating leukemia to repairing damaged corneas. In plastic surgery, stem cells are used to heal wounds, address common skin issues and stimulate hair growth.

LC Cell, a regenerative skin and hair care company, bases its products on the proven science of human stem cells. Human growth factors derived from stem cells and other advanced active ingredients are used to brighten the skin, accelerate wound healing post procedure, and improve the health and appearance of the hair and scalp. The LC Cell clinical skincare line is available through physicians and skincare professionals, who recommend it as a daily regimen or for cosmetic procedure aftercare.

13. Reboundwear Post Procedure Clothing

If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear after plastic surgery or any med spa treatment, check out Reboundwear, a line of multi-functional athletic wear. “After breast reconstruction surgery, many women face mobility challenges,” explains Bimla Picot, creator of Reboundwear.

“The Reboundwear top makes it easier to dress, since you don’t have to pull garments over your head or fiddle with difficult fastenings. The soft insides of the garment feel great against tender skin, and the shoulder zippers make it easier for a physician to examine the patient without her having to completely disrobe. The inner pockets accommodate ports and drains. In my experience, women feel a lot better when they can dress ‘normally’ and this clothing does that.”

14. Under The Canopy Kimono Robe

kimono robe
Under The Canopy Kimono Robe, $50 plus monogramming fee

Under The Canopy has created an organic cotton Kimono robe that’s simple, elegant, and lightweight. A patch pocket keeps your phone or other essentials near you if you want to stay close to bed. Available online with monogramming options.

15. Cosmed Recovery Pillow

Cosmed Recovery Pillow enables people to sleep on their back comfortably when recovering from surgical procedures. Dermatologists also recommend that you sleep on your back to prevent wrinkles, so you don’t even need to have surgery to include this in your beauty routine. Its hypoallergenic, can go in the washer and dryer, and scrunches up super small so you can bring it wherever you go.

16. InviCible Scars

InviCible Scars is a complementary therapy that boosts the positive effects of any cosmetic treatment for hyperpigmentation and scarring. It contains a proprietary all-natural complex called ProBiosyn-4™, which helps minimize scar appearance by decreasing inflammation, improve wound healing and scar elasticity, moisturize the skin, and fade dark pigmentation.

The product was created by a plastic surgeon, Dr. Chrysopoulo, who wanted to offer a safe, effective scar treatment to breast cancer survivors who’d undergone mastectomy surgery.

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