The ‘Ivanka Effect’ On Cosmetic Surgery: A New Beauty Standard?

Tabloids recently reported that women around the world are spending fortunes to look more like Ivanka Trump. We polled four leading experts for their insights on the First Daughter’s aesthetic appeal.

Whatever side of the aisle your ideology aligns with, it is hard to argue that the First Daughter is a beautiful woman with enviable good looks. Those long legs, sparkling eyes, golden locks, flawless skin and always perfect makeup, all converge to make her a total knockout. Let us not forget that she started her modeling career when she was a fresh-faced child and knows how to work a camera.

President Trump's daughter

Now in the spotlight, feeling her way around her new role as Chief Advisor to the President, or as she calls him, just “my Dad,” Ivanka Marie Trump is a true media darling. And despite having had her apparel, shoes, handbags, and jewelry pulled from some retail outlets, her brand is still going strong in many corners of the world.

Ivanka, the brand and the woman herself, is now a household name from Sheboygan to Shanghai.

Plastic Surgery Speculation: The Work Ivanka’s Had Done

Being famous and female tends to come along with lots of speculations about cosmetic enhancements. We looked at what the ‘Ivanka effect’ is on women who are seeking nips, tucks and injections, and polled four leading experts for their insights.

According to New York City facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk, who only performs aesthetic surgery of the nose, eyes and face, “If you look at Ivanka’s earlier photos when she was a girl, it seems like she may have had some refinements done to her nose and possibly a small chin implant to advance her jawline slightly. Her nose appears to be wider and more bulbous then, and more aquiline and sculpted now. Only Ivanka knows for sure, but the overall shape of her nose today is narrower and her nostrils appear to be smaller, which compliments her other facial features well.”

ivanka before after rhinoplasty
Surgeons believe Ivanka underwent rhinoplasty between 2004 and 2005.

While Dr. Rizk has not had any patients specifically asking for Ivanka’s nose or cheekbones to date, he notes that there is a megatrend in cosmetic surgery towards more subtle corrections and improvements, and a desire for a natural look. It has also become more common for women to have aesthetic procedures done at a younger age. According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), millennials are going in for Botox and fillers, lasers and peels, starting in their twenties. (Ivanka was born in 1981, making her only 35.)

Although Ivanka has yet to launch an eponymous skincare brand, she is also admired for having a beautiful even complexion. Michigan Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn, dubbed ‘The Holistic Plastic Surgeon,’ and author of two best-selling books, “In Stitches” and “The Age Fix,” had this to say. “It appears to me that she’s had two major plastic surgeries: a rhinoplasty when she was a lot younger – her nose looks longer, thinner, and more narrow – and a breast augmentation several years ago. She also appears to take great care of her skin. Her skin is flawless, without any wrinkles or blemishes. I suspect that she’s had a number of chemical peels as well.”

Ivanka Trump Breast Augmentation
Ivanka, before and after alleged breast augmentation

Dr Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon in New York City with a loyal following on Snapchat @nycplasticsurg, agrees. “Looking back at her past photos, Ivanka appears to have had some nasal reshaping and also breast augmentation. It is likely that she has had some minor additions, such as Botox and chemical peels, to give her skin that smooth appearance. Overall, I think she looks great.” After three kids, and looking stunningly svelte in her one-shoulder gowns, most women would agree.

What about that smile? According to New York City cosmetic dentist Brian Kantor, DDS of Lowenberg, Lituchy, Kantor, “Ivanka’s teeth appear to be straight and very white. This is the kind of look that can be achieved with artfully done cosmetic veneers.”

Ivanka, A Plastic Surgery Pin-Up? Not Quite.

ABC News’ Nightline recently ran a story about two women in their thirties, both Texans, and their quests to look more like Ivanka. Dr. Franklin Rose, the plastic surgeon who did the women’s work, said he’s seeing an increasing number of women asking for the Ivanka look, with her breasts and nose being her most desired attributes.

Yet despite all the attention Ivanka is getting in the public eye, at least in the USA, women do not appear to be lining up at plastic surgeons’ offices desperate to remodel themselves in Ivanka’s image just yet.

“In all honesty, while her appearance can represent a desired look, she has not been among the celebrities that people commonly request,” says Dr. Schulman. “Perhaps as she continues to be featured more in the media, this will change, but for now people still prefer the usual suspects – Kylie Jenner’s lips, Scarlett Johansson’s nose, JLo’s butt, and a newcomer to my most-requested-list, Emily Ratajkowski’s breasts.”

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