The Best Beauty Vloggers on YouTube: Zwivel’s Top Picks

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If you want to take your makeup or skin care regimen to the next level, here are 12 of the best YouTube beauty channels you need to subscribe to.

Whether you’re itching for amazing new makeup tutorials or want to ramp up your skin care regimen, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find top-notch advice on YouTube.

While the popular video sharing platform was once reserved for hobbyists, many beauty bloggers have transformed their YouTube channels into million-dollar empires, complete with their own makeup and clothing lines, TV appearances, and best-selling books.

From how to get professional-level makeup looks with affordable drugstore brands to nitty-gritty instructions on how to contour, these next-generation beauty bosses offer in-depth — and sometimes hilarious — product reviews and tutorials to their millions of fans.

Here’s our roundup of the 12 best beauty vloggers on YouTube.

1. Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota is perhaps one of the most famous YouTube beauty gurus out there. With over 10 million subscribers and counting, Mota has grown her brand from a small operation to a massive company, complete with a fashion line at Aéropostale and an appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

Her original fashion and beauty haul videos catapulted her to fame, and now she makes plenty of funny, well-produced and informative videos on everything from makeup to fashion to home décor.

Must-watch videos: Mota often collaborates with fellow internet stars — check out her hilarious Truth or Dare with Logan Paul.

2. Zoella

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, AKA Zoella, started her YouTube channel almost seven years ago after the success of her blog, and now has nearly 12 million subscribers.

In addition to producing awesome beauty tutorials and how-to guides, this British vlogger also offers plenty of useful advice and insight on food, life, traveling and fashion. Her beauty expertise covers reviews on the best hair, makeup and skin care products, plus plenty of tutorials.

Must-watch videos: Be inspired by her Beauty Videos playlist.

3. Michelle Phan

Professional makeup artist Michelle Phan has nearly 9 million YouTube subscribers for a reason: she’s been producing beauty videos for her blog since 2005 — longer than almost everybody else in this space. Phan is well-known for her artful production skills, visual narratives and voiceovers.

Even though Phan is now the official video makeup artist for Lancôme and has a career that expands well beyond YouTube, her channel is still populated with plenty of amazing skin, makeup and hair tutorials that will help you revamp your beauty routine with excellent products.

Must-watch videos: Phan’s Barbie Transformation Tutorial and Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look, which together have over 100 million views!

4. Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel’s YouTube channel — The Beauty Bybel — is a must-bookmark for makeup-lovers who are all about keeping things fresh and trendy. Bybel strives to help her 5 million subscribers feel better about themselves through makeup and skin care products.

Amazing makeup tutorials, product reviews, fashion advice — Carli’s always on hand to review some of the hottest makeup products on the market, including many of the new lines offered by Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Must-watch videos: Carli’s her how-to-guides and references, including Makeup Mistakes to Avoid and How to Grow Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows.

5. Jaclyn Hill

With over 4 million subscribers, Florida-based personality Jaclyn Hill is one of the most popular YouTube beauty vloggers around.

This high-energy beauty pro is known for her fast-paced makeup tutorials (and her two adorable Shih Tzus who often make appearances in her videos) and her guides to everything from achieving the perfect smoky eye to how to use drugstore makeup to achieve a professional look.

Must-watch videos: Check out Hill’s How to Contour Video, and her Smoky Cat Eye Tutorial, which has over 14 million views! Of course, you’re going to want to subscribe to Hill’s Instagram in addition to her YouTube channel for more beauty inspiration.

6. Lisa Eldridge

Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has beautified some of the world’s most famous celebs — Kate Moss, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet among them — but she still makes time to keep her YouTube channel up to date with pro-level makeup tutorials and tips.

Eldridge regularly contributes to major beauty magazines and has done collaborations with many high-fashion brands. If you’re looking for special occasion makeup ideas, you’ll definitely want to explore Eldridge’s channel, which is teeming with natural and glamorous looks for galas, weddings and special events. She also regularly interviews supermodels and other beauty pros.

Must-watch videos: Start with her video on the Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History to see her skills in action, and then watch her awesome costume makeup tutorials.

7. Nicole Guerriero

YouTube star Nicole Guerriero is as well-known for her awesome beauty tutorials as she is for her hilarious take on beauty vlogging. She loves to integrate humor into her laid-back reviews of beauty products and detailed tutorials, so we’re pretty sure she’ll catch your attention!

In addition to providing awesome beauty tips, Guerriero has also developed her own line of products with Anastasia Beverly Hills, including the popular Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit.

Must-watch videos: Check out her super-popular tutorial on how to achieve Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup. You’ll be surprised at how much she looks like Jenner by the end of the video!

8. Kathleen Lights

Kathleen Lights is one of the fastest-growing YouTube beauty gurus out there, pushing 4 million subscribers and several million views per video.

If you’re a fan of no-nonsense beauty tutorials and tips, then you’ll love Lights. She keeps things simple — but always enjoyable and engaging — with makeup hauls, tutorials, reviews and product suggestions that’ll help you make your at-home makeup application look super professional. And while she definitely covers some high-end makeup brands like MAC and Urban Decay, she’s also a pro at helping users navigate affordable options by Elf and drugstore brands.

Must-watch videos: You’ll definitely want to check out her tutorial on Full Face Drugstore Makeup if you’re trying to keep your beauty budget under control.

9. Manny MUA

Manny MUA, AKA Manny Gutierrez, is the only male beauty vlogger to make our list. He’s an expert at helping men and women alike apply makeup flawlessly, with tutorials and reviews that will make you want to try all of his featured products.

Men who want to experiment with makeup — whether glamorous and eye-catching or subdued and natural — will definitely want to subscribe to Manny MUA’s channel. He’ll help you create unique looks using techniques and products that complement your particular style and skin type.

Must-watch videos: Don’t miss some of his funny tutorials, like Applying Makeup with a Condom featuring Jeffree Star (another fantastic male makeup expert). Also watch Gutierrez’s Get Ready with Me series, during which he gets ready for a date or a special event from head to toe.

10. Tanya Burr

Since 2009, British beauty expert Tanya Burr has been sharing her fashion and beauty secrets on her YouTube channel, which now has over 3 million subscribers. Not only does Burr offer useful reviews and tips for the makeup obsessed, she also guides her viewers through lifestyle topics such as baking and fashion.

Burr has become so successful in the beauty world that she’s launched her own line of makeup, Tanya Burr Cosmetics, with luscious lip colors, highlighters and eyeshadows that will help you achieve the vlogger’s signature clean and natural look.

Must-watch videos: Watch her collaboration with fellow British beauty blogger Zoella (our #2 favorite Youtube beauty queen).

11. Laura Lee

L.A.-based beauty blogger Laura Lee gained serious traction when she began posting photos of her eye makeup on Instagram, long before she started her own YouTube channel.

Lee now has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and posts three videos per week, ranging from the best drugstore foundations to tips for cleaning and maintaining your makeup brushes.

Must-watch videos: Check out Lee’s popular video Eyeshadow Dos and Don’ts and you’ll see why Lee she’s known for her super-honest makeup reviews. You’ll also want to follow this budding blogger on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

12. Casey Holmes

Makeup tutorials and reviews abound on Georgia-based vlogger Casey Holmes’ YouTube channel. Holmes will help you achieve your desired look, regardless of it’s over-the-top and show-stopping or dialed-down and natural.

With over a million subscribers and hundreds of videos, you’ll quickly get sucked down the rabbit hole when you explore Holmes’ channel.

Must-watch videos: Holmes’ popular Monthly Favorites and Makeup Dupes playlists are a great place to start if you want to know more about this taste-making YouTube pro.

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