3rd Season of Botched: More Complicated Than Ever – Interview With Dr. Paul Nassif

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The third season of E! Entertainment’s popular reality series “Botched” has just premiered – veteran facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are back to their scalpels, righting the wrongs of some of the most extreme botched plastic surgery cases. The dynamic duo put their savvy surgical skills to the test in each episode, as they try turning plastic surgery nightmares into their patients’ dream results.

While the second season of “Botched” finished strongly, with 1.4M total viewers and 832K ages 18-49, both the Sunday and Tuesday night premieres of “Botched” consistently ranked among the Top 10 programs in primetime with women aged 18-34.

Zwivel’s Susan Hornik talked to Dr. Nassif about the show’s ongoing challenges and favorite episode.

Zwivel: Your cases have gotten increasingly difficult on the series, what’s been the biggest issue you have dealt with?

PN: One of our patients last season, Luci, had brain aneurysms that she was previously unaware of. She had to undergo two procedures to correct the aneurysms prior to having reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery. We identified the aneurysms following a CT scan, and the test saved her life. The nasal reconstruction itself was extremely complex. The patient shattered her nose during a motorbike accident in Italy; the necessary repairs were extensive and we estimated a 50 per cent chance of success.

Zwivel: What can we expect this season on the show?

PN: Many interesting and complicated cases with life-changing outcomes. Dr. Dubrow and I will also engage in some fun banter; tune in for the details! While many of these cases are usually inoperable, we have been able to figure out a way to help these patients and give them an improvement.

PN: The episode with Luci was definitely my favorite. Luci has a daughter with autism and did not want to be seen in public due to the state of her nose. Her daughter was suffering, as she wanted to experience life with her loving mother. Following her surgery, Luci has a more aesthetically pleasing nose and she is out and about more than ever. A great success story! Overall, Luci’s case really resonated with me, and I’m very happy I had the chance to help such a kind-hearted and amazing individual.

Zwivel: How do you pick the people for the show?

PN: We look for interesting cases that we perceive to be like nothing our audience has ever seen.

Zwivel: You have had great chemistry with Dr. Dubrow, your partner in crime, what is the secret to your friendship?! It seems like it truly contributes to the popularity of “Botched.”

PN: Respect! As much as I tease Dr. Dubrow and vice-versa, our mutual respect for each other in regard to our talent and character is what keeps us inseparable and in it for the long haul.

Zwivel: is there anything you haven’t done on the show that you would like to do?

PN: I would like to really put Dr. Dubrow in his place one of these days… he sometimes goes over the top!

Zwivel: I hear there is one spinoff of “Botched” in the works, how will you be involved with it?

PN: For the new series, “Botched by Nature,” I will be performing surgeries on patients who have issues present from birth; I’m very excited to have the chance to help them!

Zwivel: With the success of the series, you now have skincare products that are available to consumers.

PN: I’ve always wanted to release a skincare line; I have spent many years helping correct issues due to wrinkles and sagging, and it was time to start improving the overall quality of individuals’ skin. My skincare products are now available through my website, Macy’s locations throughout the US, and the Home Shopping Network.

Zwivel: What’s the best advice you can offer for someone who is interested in plastic surgery?

Dr. Nassif and Zwivel
Dr. Nassif learning about Zwivel

PN: Have a good understanding of the reasons you are considering the procedure, as this will allow you to ensure that you are a good candidate. In addition, do your research – choosing a qualified surgeon is a must for any patient seeking plastic surgery.

It’s also important to look for credentials, board certification, patient testimonials and a great amount of before and after photos showcasing the surgeon’s work.

An informative website is important, too.

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