Hyperhidrosis Surgery

Hyperhidrosis Surgery: Understanding Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS)

Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is a last resort surgical procedure aimed at stopping uncontrolled perspiration of the hands and face, effectively freeing people from the accompanying embarrassment excessive sweating can inflict on their personal lives. Although ETS has a high success rate, it also comes with risks and potential side-effects that contribute to its reputation … Read more

Topical Corticosteroids

Topical Corticosteroids: Side Effects, Uses, and Alternatives

In today’s world, our skin is faced with a continual assault of chemicals, bacteria, infections, and UV rays. As a consequence, we are increasingly guarded about protecting the well-being of our largest organ. But in spite our best efforts, environmental agents, stress, and allergies can still trigger skin irritations that require treatment. If you’re already … Read more


Blepharitis (Eyelid Inflammation): Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

What Is Blepharitis? Blepharitis is a condition associated with irritation of the eyelids and eyelid margins. It is typically caused by the clogging of glands that produce tears every time you blink. The obstruction of those glands usually results in the inflammation of the eyelid margins: that area located at the edge of the eyelid, … Read more

Swimming pool rash

What Is a Swim Rash? Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Pools are synonymous with sunshine, vacations and the dog days of summer. They’re refreshing sanctuaries that offer relief from the seasonal heat. However, to safely enjoy the benefits of pool life, you need to ensure that the pool water is free of bacterial contamination and does not increase your risk of getting a rash. We … Read more

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid: Benefits, How to Use, Side Effects, and Best Products

What is glycolic acid? Glycolic acid is the smallest of the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). It is derived from sugar cane and is used as a tanning and dyeing agent in the textile industry, a preservative and flavoring additive in food, and a skincare ingredient in cosmetic products. Its tiny molecular size gives it the unique … Read more

best affordable skin care products

15 Affordable, Dermatologist-Recommended Skin Care Products

Are you looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-follow skincare routine? Does the plethora of choices online or at your local drugstore leave you feeling overwhelmed or uninspired? A healthy skin care routine doesn’t need to be complex or cost an arm and a leg. A basic routine only requires three essential products: a skin cleanser, moisturizer, … Read more

Anti-aging creams for men

Rolling Back Time: Seven Anti-Aging Creams for Men That Actually Work

Not that long ago, moisturizers and anti-aging creams were strictly for women. But times have changed, and while they generally won’t admit it, an increasing number of men are now slathering skin care products on their faces, too. Not all wrinkle-erasing treatments are created equal, though. Read on to find out which anti-aging products you should be … Read more

Botox in a jar

Does Argireline Work? We Asked Skin Experts About This ‘Botox in a Jar’

The anti-aging industry is vast and highly competitive, with many products grappling for their share of the global market valued at $250 billion. From stimulating collagen production to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin care products make a plethora of alluring promises. Argireline is a popular anti-aging ingredient that makes some pretty … Read more

Cutis verticis gyrata

Scalp Wrinkles: CVG, a Rare and Misunderstood Skin Condition

As we age, detecting wrinkles is no big surprise. However, discovering ridges and deep wrinkles across the top and back of your scalp that resemble the outline of the human brain is an astonishing anomaly. Cutis verticis gyrata (CVG), also known as bulldog scalp syndrome, can be corrected with surgery. People with this rare syndrome … Read more