5 Ways to Stay in Shape & Stay Outside This Summer

For most of us across this great nation, summer has arrived in full force. And while America’s birthday might have set some of us a little behind the 8-ball with our fitness goals, there’s still plenty of time to tone up for the second leg of bathing suit season. But rather than being cooped up … Read more

Workout myths

Workout Myths Affecting Women

Anyone who has embarked on a wellness journey can probably relate to the fact that the fitness world is filled with misinformation. And unfortunately, perhaps no area of exercise advice suffers greater than that directed at women. We caught up with Greg Gentile – certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and owner of Apex Training – to … Read more

Finding a Plastic Surgeon: Doctors Share Their Thoughts on the Consultation Process

For anyone who’s ever contemplated a medical procedure, it’s pretty common knowledge that the first practical step is finding a doctor. However, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, the situation can become a little more tricky – for doctors and patients alike. We spoke to a few doctors to get their thoughts on screening, conversion … Read more

male plastic surgery

The Changing Face of Male Plastic Surgery

If I’m being perfectly honest, cosmetic surgery is something that has never really crossed my mind, and I think most of my male friends would agree. I’ve always thought it was something reserved for narcissistic middle-aged women with deep pockets and shallow thoughts. So when I recently came across a story about the growing trend … Read more