The Changing Face of Male Plastic Surgery

male plastic surgery

If I’m being perfectly honest, cosmetic surgery is something that has never really crossed my mind, and I think most of my male friends would agree. I’ve always thought it was something reserved for narcissistic middle-aged women with deep pockets and shallow thoughts. So when I recently came across a story about the growing trend of facelifts and liposuction in younger men, it really got me thinking…

We are men. Strong, independent, burly men. The head of the household and the master of our domain. Nothing fazes us. That’s right – we are men!

Okay. Yes. That’s the image we like to portray to the world, and the image society has painted of us. However, whether or not we like to admit it, we all remember how we felt when we noticed that first forehead wrinkle in the mirror. And yes, we can distinctly recall the realization that came with the subtle but undeniable signs of bags under our eyes. Or the “oh shit” moment when we saw the crow’s feet slowly setting in. We started to run and bike and try to watch what we eat, but all of a sudden, that spare tire we’re packing just seems to get harder and harder to shed. And then, we came face to face with a difficult fact of life: we’re getting older, and our younger, sexier self might only exist in photographs and memories from this point on.

But wait. Why do we concede? Why do we wave the white flag and let Father Time win? Why wouldn’t we do something so simple and effective to help us look and feel young again?

Yes, we’re talking about cosmetic surgery. For one reason or another, the majority of our Y chromosome-possessing brotherhood deems the topic taboo. Maybe we have too much pride. (Hint: we probably do.) Maybe we think we can handle this brutal beast of aging ourselves. (Hint: we probably can’t.) Or maybe we just don’t know about the options that exist for us. (Hint: we probably don’t.)


Well, guess what, you stubborn son-of-a-gun. The options are right in front of you, and they’re easier than you’d ever have imagined. So you can officially stop sucking in your gut before that big, important presentation. Yup, go ahead and say goodbye to second-guessing yourself before stepping out the door on Friday night for that hot first date. Because believe it or not, even though a boy’s night out doesn’t typically touch on our physical insecurities, odds are that we all feel the exact same way about watching our bodies age.

Okay, back to the options. What might they be? Well, until recently, men were limited to in-office consultations, which, in all likelihood, increased the uncomfortable feelings of hesitation. It’s always a little awkward to talk mono a mono with your doctor, and this is only multiplied by the stigma society has placed on men’s cosmetic procedures. But luckily, there’s a new way to explore our options, and it’s as painless as a little nip/tuck.


It’s called Zwivel, and it’s a real game-changer. So, you know how we’ve talked about the fact we’re a little too self-conscious or a little too proud to look into this type of treatment for ourselves, right? Well, with Zwivel, us men can consult with a handful of different cosmetic doctors, right from our computer, smartphone, or tablet, without ever leaving the comfort of the Lay-Z-Boy in the mancave. We can talk to the experts, satisfy our curiosity, and get the lowdown on fees all before ever stepping foot into an office. Everything is completely anonymous and secure. Oh, and the best part? It’s totally free.

It’s a new world, and there’s no shame in scoping out some of your options to feel and look your best. Thankfully, Zwivel is here to help in that journey. So gentlemen, what’s stopping you?

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