Do You Have Back Dimples? If So, Thank Your Genes

Back dimples are a popular trend right now. Whether it’s an aesthetic that speaks to you or not, you’ll probably be tempted to check your back in the nearest mirror after reading this article.
Back Dimples
  • Back dimples are a current trend made popular by celebrities and fashion influencers.
  • They’re a genetic feature that not everyone has, although certain exercises can help make back dimples appear more pronounced.
  • Alternatively, cosmetic surgery to remove lower back fat can create back dimples.

Back dimples are a popular trend right now. Whether it’s an aesthetic that speaks to you or not, you’ll probably be tempted to check your back in the nearest mirror after reading this article.

What are back dimples, exactly?

Back dimples, also known as dimples of Venus, are the two small indents that reside on the lower back just above the glutes. These striking dimples are formed by the sacrum and the two hip bones attached to either side.

According to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Jacob Freiman, “Back dimples, or “dimples of Venus,” are caused by a skin attachment to the part of the pelvis called the posterior superior iliac spine. While other areas of the skin can sag a little, since the skin is attached to the bone here, it doesn’t, and therefore causes dimpling. You can find examples of back dimples in paintings from hundreds of years ago, but recently they have become aesthetically popular.”

Why are they considered attractive?

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about. The lower back has always been considered one of the most attractive parts of the female figure. As such, it makes sense that recent trends in buttock lifts and sculpting would lead to a focus on improving the look of the lower back.

By that logic, dimples can be seen as aesthetically pleasing since they draw the eye to the curves of the lower back and waist. With popular celebrities and models like Kendall Jenner flaunting their dimples on Instagram, dimples of Venus have come to be seen by some as a sign of a fit body.

According to Dr. Freiman, “There is nothing innately beautiful about back dimples. Aesthetics is based on trends and your geographical location. In some parts of the world, large buttocks and small breasts are popular and in other parts, the opposite. Currently, back dimples are trending in the United States and some parts of Europe.”

While back dimples are considered a genetic feature, it does appear, anecdotally that a large percentage of lean athletes are blessed with them as well. This would suggest that body fat reduction can help enhance the appearance of back dimples.

While it’s not possible to reduce body fat in a specific area, a combination of diet, lower back exercises and cardiovascular conditioning could help you achieve the dimples of Venus look.

Dieting and the back dimple workout

According to Scientific American, lean athletes typically have a body fat percentage of 6 for men and 12 for women. These are the sculpted bodies that we see in the media with back dimples. The average body fat percentage in the U.S. is 22% to 32%, so a layer of adipose tissue might be covering many potential dimples.

As back dimples are located on a part of the body which doesn’t have very many muscles, it can be difficult to make these indentations appear more prominent through muscle building alone. A better way to naturally achieve the look is through diet and fat loss.

Lose weight the right way

If there is a thick layer of fat covering the lower back, these dimples won’t show. Since there is no way to lose fat from a specific place on the body, an overall reduction in body fat percentage is necessary to make these indentations more pronounced.

A safe rate of body fat to lose is 1-2 pounds a week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This can be achieved simply by cutting your daily calorie intake.

There are 3,500 calories in a pound of fat, so if you trim 500 calories from your daily calorie intake, you will lose about a pound of fat per week. It’s important to not cut calories too drastically as this can lead to muscle loss instead of fat loss, which won’t help you develop more pronounced dimples.

Developing new habits like replacing juice, soda or alcoholic beverages with water or no-calorie drinks is a simple step you can take to reduce caloric intake and cut body fat.

Exercise your way to a leaner back

If dieting isn’t your thing, regular exercise can also help burn calories and drop body fat. A simple increase in your daily activity level can help burn calories while allowing you to eat more regularly.

Although fat loss is the most effective way to achieve back dimples, you can enhance these indentations with certain exercises. There are no muscles directly below the dimples themselves but building the muscles in the area can help Venus dimples stand out.

Here are three specific gym exercises that help target the muscles around your lower back:

  • Back extensions

This exercise targets the spinal erectors and other muscles throughout the lower back. These gym machines utilize weight blocks that can be adjusted to fit your strength level.

For this move, sit on the machine and rest the padded rollers on your shoulders. Starting in the upright position, use your lower back muscles to push against the rollers until you are in a horizontal position. By repeating this movement, you effectively target many muscles in your lower back to enhance your back dimples.

  • Rowing machine

This is a classic back strengthener and a great way to target and develop the lower back muscles while burning a ton of calories. Not only does it provide a full body aerobic workout, but it also targets the erector spinae and the glutes, enhancing the curves of your backside for a lifted butt and sculpted lower back.

  • The Roman chair

Although the Roman chair is a popular core machine, it also targets the muscles in the lower back. This machine provides a similar workout to the back extension but with more weight.

Sit on the machine and position your thighs and feet under the padded bars. Use your lower back and core muscles to lift the torso up and parallel with the knees. Keep your hands behind your head while performing the motions to isolate the muscles in your lower back.

Back dimple surgery

At the end of day, back dimples are thought to be a genetic feature so reducing body fat and developing lower back muscles may not help you achieve them.

Although there are some surgical procedures available to create back dimples, not all surgeons agree on the effectiveness of these procedures in producing the desired results.

Vaser liposuction

The most popular procedure for producing back dimples is Vaser liposuction. This minimally invasive procedure, known as the “V-Spot” treatment, uses an ultrasound probe to remove fat from very specific areas of the lower back, creating crevasses for back dimples.

This trendy new procedure, also known as liposculpturing, isn’t used for back dimples alone. Its main objective is to shape any part of the body to the client’s desired look.

Liposuction used to involve breaking up and separating fat before extracting it, which caused a lot of pain for the patient and entailed a long recovery time. Vaser liposuction is less invasive and has a much quicker recovery time. The targeted area is numbed while the ultrasound probe dissolves the fat as it’s extracted. The fat turns to a butter-like consistency, making it easy to remove. The process is far less painful as a result.

What about injectables?

Injectable options do exist for back dimples, but the safety and effectiveness of these procedures are debatable.

These procedures are typically done with steroid injections like Kenalog 40, which is known to cause fat atrophy but may also cause thinning of the overlying skin. Alternatively, injections of deoxycholic acid can act more selectively to dissolve targeted fat without causing adverse effects to the skin.

The FDA, however, has not approved these injectables for the use of fat dissolution so these uses are considered “off label.” While off-label usage of injectables can be safe, it’s important to do your research on the skills and qualifications of the physician performing the procedure.

Before buying into back dimples

If you’ve decided that back dimples are a must-have to complete your look, try diet and exercise first. If that doesn’t work or if you are looking for a shortcut, then consult a reputable surgeon with experience in creating these dimples before you take the plunge.

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