Brandi Glanville Shares Plastic Surgery and Med Spa Advice in Exclusive Interview

With an E! Entertainment show in the works, a new Fox celebrity cooking competition series, and an upcoming beauty blog, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is one busy woman.

We caught up with her at the Television Critics Press Tour in Pasadena, California last week, where we talked about cooking, relationships, and the various plastic surgery procedures and medical spa treatments she’s underwent.

dean sheremet, brandi glanville
Brandi Glanville with My Kitchen Rules co-star Dean Sheremet at January 2017 TCA Press Tour after-party.

On “My Kitchen Rules” you are partnered up with Dean Sheremet, ex-husband of country singer LeAnn Rimes, who slept with your ex-husband, actor Eddie Cibrian. What’s that like for you?!

It’s been fun but difficult. I’ve never cooked with anyone except my mom and grandma. No one is really allowed in my kitchen!

None of my girlfriends cook and my family is all in Northern California, so when they came to me to do the show, I thought why not ask Dean?! He was my first pick.

Dean has always been so soft-spoken and sweet, but it turns out that in the kitchen it’s a different story. We had some friction that we don’t have in normal life… When he came in, he kinda tried to take over and thought that he was in charge of me, but that’s not the case – we’re partners! So as much as I thought it was going to help me that he has training as a professional chef, it was difficult. I don’t like people bossing me around, and he’s a bossy guy.

brandi, my kitchen
My Kitchen Rules

What was the biggest challenge?

We had a clock. A lot of us are not used to cooking with a timer. On the show you have a certain amount of time to get it all plated, and it has to look beautiful. You have to serve from the proper side… This is definitely very fancy. Cooking is a passion, an art, and it’s hard.

Do you have a good relationship with Eddie now?

It ebbs and flows. I see him all the time, we share children. I am always at their house, and they are at mine. We see each other all the time.

brandi glanville, eddie cibrian
Glanville with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian

Do you think the ladies are overdoing it with the plastic surgery on any of the Housewives’ shows?

I have no problems with plastic surgery. I’ve had my boobs done, and I’ve talked about Botox and fillers.

I think that everyone looks pretty good right now. I don’t think anyone is overdoing it; in the past there were a few Housewives who may have done a bit too much as they got older. But for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, honestly, they have had less plastic surgery than some of the other shows. They are pretty natural beauties. Even if I don’t like their insides, their outsides are pretty.

real housewives texas

What would you like to have done plastic surgery-wise?

One day I’m sure I’ll get a facelift. Everyone asks if I had my eyes done, but they wouldn’t look like this if I had. They say the next thing you do is your eyes… your eyelids. But I’m going to wait five years for that.

People say that I had cheek implants put in. I wouldn’t do that; I had my wisdom teeth out and my cheeks sunk in. I can’t do anything about that. I have my dad’s cheekbones and it is what it is.

Anything you regret having done?

I’m very happy with my vagina and my boobs. I’m good.

What kinds of med spa treatments are you into?

BG: There are a lot of lasers that I’m doing right now. I just did Clear Lift on my chest. It’s got a little bit more down time than I thought, so I put makeup all over it. I had sunspots and some wrinkles from sleeping on my side. You know when you wake up and you have that gross, wrinkled look that takes all day to go away? I just wanted to get it smoothed out, so I went in for that.

Forma Radiofrequency Treatments: “Painless skin tightening”

The day after her interview with Zwivel, Glanville fearlessly posted a no-makeup photo of her getting a “painless skin tightening” Forma facelift treatment at Studio City, California’s Le Jolie Spa.

glanville instagram

According Dr. Parvaneh Rafaeloff of Le Jolie Spa, Forma provides long-lasting results by stimulating collagen production and improving skin elasticity.

“Forma is a non-surgical treatment that works with bipolar radio frequency and heat,” says Dr. Rafaeloff. “There’s no pain nor downtime – in fact, it’s very relaxing and soothing. Forma will make you look 5 to 10 years younger and lasts 5 to 6 years. The results are noticeable even after the first treatment.”

5 to 8 weekly treatments are recommended, for a total cost of $2,500-$3,800.

Any doctors you’d like to thank?

I have so many that I love. Dr. Gabriel Chiu is a friend, but his wife Christine is also a great friend – she often says I need this or that. Dr. Garth Fisher did my boobs a really long time ago, and I am really happy with them. Dr. Payman Simoni is great with Botox. I think he does the best in town. I know a lot of people in the business, so I really can’t pick just one.

What advice would you give someone who wants to have work done?

I think less is more. There are so many different opinions out there – really think things through before you do them. It just isn’t something that you should do on a whim. It’s forever. Doing peels and all the preventative stuff is really important, too. Upkeep is good.

Watch Brandi on My Kitchen Rules, Thursdays nights at 9pm on Fox.

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