SilkPeel DermalInfusion: The Latest Trend In Med Spa Facial Treatments

SilkPeel DermalInfusion
  • SilkPeel DermalInfusion is a medical spa treatment that aims to correct common signs of aging and skin damage.
  • It exfoliates, cleanses and hydrates simultaneously, while “infusing” the skin with various serums.
  • Users report visible improvements in skin texture and tone, generally within four to six sessions.

Wondering what options are available to help erase wrinkles, blemishes or hyperpigmentation? There are countless products that claim to be the best at correcting skin damage, making it difficult to know what would work best for you.

SilkPeel DermalInfusion is a patented procedure designed to exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate. The process is quick, non-invasive, and produces some results almost immediately.

Learn more about this novel facial rejuvenation option and how it compares to similar procedures.

What is facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation procedures include any professional or at-home treatment that corrects skin damage, helping you reclaim a more youthful appearance.

This damage can be the result of a combination of factors, including sun exposure, aging, skin conditions and genetics. It may manifest itself in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration (freckles, sun spots or melasma – darkened brown spots on the face), loss of elasticity, loss of volume, and scarring from acne vulgaris or other conditions.

There are many different types of facial rejuvenation procedures on the market, including:

  • Laser treatments
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments
  • Mechanical or laser ablation, such as dermabrasion
  • Chemical peels
  • Non-ablative treatments, such as microdermabrasion and microneedling
  • Botox injections
  • Dermal fillers
  • Plastic surgery, such as facelifts, brow lifts, etc.

SilkPeel DermalInfusion, an in-office facial rejuvenation procedure designed to treat a number of common skin concerns, is a newer addition to this category.

How does DermalInfusion work?

DermalInfusion is performed using a patented handheld module that creates suction on contact with the skin. The module contains a diamond head tip that simultaneously exfoliates the skin as it infuses it with serum to provide hydration. On average, patients may need four to six treatments to achieve the desired results.

One session of DermalInfusion usually takes less than 30 minutes. It’s a process that combines three steps:

  • Exfoliation or the removal of the outer layer of dry, damaged or dead skin cells
  • Extraction to deep cleanse both the pores and the surface of the skin
  • Infusion or hydration through the use of a serum chosen to suit your specific skin needs

There are four different serums available for use: pore clarifying, ultra hydrating, skin brightening and vitamin C.

These different formulas target specific types of skin damage, namely:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hyperpigmentation or discoloration
  • Dry or dehydrated skin
  • Acne blemishes
  • Rough skin

Your provider will help determine which serum works best for you.

SilkPeel DermalInfusion
Before & After SilkPeel DermalInfusion

DermalInfusion side effects and cost

DermalInfusion is an extremely safe, quick and non-invasive procedure with very few side effects. Skin may appear red or flushed immediately after treatment, but this is normal and should dissipate after a short time.

According to the maker of DermalInfusion, a session typically costs around $175, which can vary slightly from one practitioner to another. Sometimes, savings may be offered if you purchase a series of treatments in advance.

How does it compare to other procedures?

Other forms of facial rejuvenation can be considerably more invasive and produce results less quickly. Several of these alternatives involve lasers or chemicals that cause a very conspicuous and potentially lengthy peeling of the outer layers of the skin.

On the other hand, microdermabrasion and other non-ablative treatments may fail to provide some of the hydrating effects of DermalInfusion.

It should also be noted that DermalInfusion is safe to perform virtually anywhere on the body that requires rejuvenation, including the décolleté and neck area.

DermaSweep vs DermalInfusion

Dr. Jennifer T. Haley, a board-certified dermatologist with Linder Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center in Scottsdale, AZ, prefers DermaSweep – a direct competitor to SilkPeel DermalInfusion.

“DermaSweep micro-resurfacing combines advanced bristle tip technology with bespoke skin infusions. The first step involves a unique bristle brush technology that provides even and controlled exfoliation, unlike scrubs and older microdermabrasion technology that unevenly tear and damage the skin,” she informs.

Dr. Haley is especially impressed by DermaSweep’s infusions: “Delivering highly effective skin-specific serums to where they are most active in the deeper layers of the skin after a controlled exfoliation is what makes DermaSweep stand apart from other devices in this sector,” she says.

She also gives the device high reviews for its minimal downtime, immediate results, the variety of treatment options it offers, and low cost. “If someone has a big event, DermaSweep is my hero device to bring out that healthy, radiant glow,” Dr. Haley concludes.

What do the experts say?

Zwivel reached out to several medical experts to get their feedback on DermalInfusion.

Dr. Rhonda Q. Klein, a board-certified dermatologist with Modern Dermatology in Westport, CT, is very impressed with SilkPeel DermalInfusion’s versatility.

“There are different serums to customize treatment based on skin needs,” she says. “It’s recommended to stop retinols 2-3 days prior to the procedure, and patients with history of HSV (herpes simplex virus) should have prophylaxis with Valtrex, but basically anyone is a candidate.”

Dr. Dana Coberly, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon based in Tampa, FL, brought SilkPeel DermalInfusion into her practice in 2004. She has followed the technology’s evolution closely, and is quick to recommend it as a complement to laser treatments.

“Pre-laser SilkPeels prepare the skin for a more uniform and effective treatment,” she says. “They also allow the topical anesthetics to penetrate the skin better, making the patients more comfortable.”

Dr. Coberly notes that the controlled exfoliation makes the skin feel smoother, and helps absorption of home skin care products. “Digital imaging after a series of SilkPeel treatments typically demonstrates improvement in pigment and texture, with decreases in erythema and bacterial contamination,” she informs.

Some of the more recent additions to DermalInfusion’s line of serums also provide dramatic improvements to patients with acne-prone skin.

“Patients love the fact that there are no scratchy crystals, and the diamond tips help decrease inflammation seen with the use of crystal systems, Dr. Coberly says. “SilkPeels are our most popular esthetician skin treatments,” she concludes.

» To find out more about DermalInfusion and other non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments, meet our Medical Review Team to discuss further dermalinfusion.

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