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Understanding Your Face Shape: A Guide for Men

Ever caught yourself wondering, “What’s my face shape?” You’re not alone! Identifying your face shape is crucial, not just for curiosity but also for choosing the right hairstyles, glasses, or even considering cosmetic enhancements. We’ve identified the nine most common men’s face shapes to make this journey easier for you.

Determining your face shape involves several factors: the width and length of your face, the structure of your cheekbones, and even the amount of fat in your cheeks. Your hairline’s position plays a significant role too. Let’s explore how you can pinpoint your face shape accurately.

Male Face shapes

One simple method is to compare your features with photos of different face shapes. This can give you a rough idea of where you stand. Remember, knowing your face shape is more than just satisfying curiosity; it influences your choices in hairstyles, eyewear, and facial hair. It’s even a deciding factor for those considering cosmetic procedures to enhance their facial features.

For those considering changing their face shape, modern cosmetic procedures offer various options. You might think about cheek fillers for a fuller look or a chin implant to enhance your chin’s projection. Botox in the jaw or forehead reduction surgery are also popular choices to alter the face shape for a more balanced look.

How to Determine Your Face Shape

Figuring out your face shape can be done at home with two straightforward methods. For the most accurate identification, you might need to take some measurements.

  • The Measuring Method — Grab a flexible tape measure and record the width of your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and the length of your face. Measure your forehead from one eyebrow’s peak to the other, cheekbones from one eye’s outer corner to the other, and the jawline from the chin tip to the jaw’s corner beneath the ear. Finally, measure your face length from the midpoint of your hairline to your chin’s bottom. Jot down these numbers and compare with our guide to discover your face shape.
  • The Mirror Method — For a quick estimation, stand in front of a mirror and trace the outline of your face with lipstick or a washable marker. Ensure your hair is pulled back if it’s long. Maintain a distance of about four or five inches from the mirror while drawing. After outlining, compare your face shape with our descriptive list to find the closest match.

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The Most Common Men’s Face Shapes

1. The Oval Face: Classic and Versatile

Men with an oval face typically enjoy balanced proportions, featuring a slightly wider chin and forehead. The key characteristic of this shape is its elongated, rounded form, with the chin just marginally broader than the upper part of the head. This symmetry makes the oval face a versatile canvas for various hairstyles and accessories.

Kanye West

Oval faces are characterized by their soft, gently curved lines. Unlike the sharp angles of square or rectangular faces, oval faces offer a more rounded appearance. When measuring, you’ll notice that the face length is greater than the width of the cheekbones, and the forehead’s width is more than the jawline.

Celebrated personalities like Kanye West, Adam Levine, Matt Damon, and George Clooney are prime examples of the oval face shape, showcasing its classic and adaptable nature.

2. The Oblong Face: Elegantly Elongated

The oblong face shape is a graceful variation of the oval, characterized by a slightly longer and narrower visage. Resembling an inverted egg, this shape often features a slightly smaller chin, with soft and rounded edges, setting it apart from the more angular rectangular face.

Ben Affleck

Notable figures with the oblong face shape include Ben Affleck, Adam Sandler, and Russell Crowe, each illustrating its distinct, elongated elegance. For those with an oblong face, the most prominent measurement is the face length.

3. The Square Face: Bold and Angular

The square face is easily recognizable by its strong, angular features. Characterized by roughly equal face measurements, it features a prominent chin, a broad forehead, and a striking jawline. The square face shape symbolizes strength and assertiveness.


Unlike the softer contours of oval or oblong shapes, the square face is defined by its pronounced jaws and squared-off chin. Icons like David Beckham and Justin Timberlake represent this face shape well. Popular cosmetic enhancements for square faces include jaw implants and chin augmentation, which emphasize its angularity. In the world of facial shapes, being square is indeed a mark of distinction.

4. The Round Face: Soft and Harmonious

The round face stands out with its circular shape, distinct from the more elongated oval and oblong faces. It features a softer, more rounded chin and forehead, with full cheeks that enhance its circular appearance. Notable celebrities with round faces include Elijah Wood, Seal, and Nick Lachey, Patrick Dempsey, each illustrating the charm of this face shape.


For those desiring a rounder facial contour, cosmetic procedures like chin rounding and cheek plumping through fat injections are available. In round faces, the cheekbones and face length typically have similar measurements, contributing to the face’s overall symmetry and balance.

5. The Rectangular Face: Strong and Structured

The rectangular face is a blend of square and oblong shapes, showcasing a longer and less wide appearance. This face shape exhibits a mix of features, combining the length of an oblong face with the angularity of a square face.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Its defining traits include a strong jawline and a wider chin, contributing to its structured look. Celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger demonstrate the commanding presence of the rectangular face. Measurements across the forehead and cheekbones are similar, with a noticeably longer face length.

6. The Diamond Face: Unique and Angular

Marked by narrow, pointed chins and high cheekbones, the diamond face shape is distinctive and angular. It’s often mistaken for the heart-shaped face, but the diamond face can be distinguished by its narrower hairline, creating a diamond-like illusion.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is a prime example of a celebrity with a diamond-shaped face. To identify this shape, look for the largest measurement in face length, followed by cheekbones, and then the forehead. The diamond face is a testament to the variety of male facial structures, adding to the diversity of shapes like the heart, triangle, and pear.

7. The Heart-Shaped Face: Charming and Distinctive

The heart-shaped face, often referred to as the inverted triangle, is characterized by a broader forehead and a narrow, pointed chin. This face shape exudes a charming appeal, with notable figures like Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling epitomizing its allure. The heart-shaped face’s unique geometry – wider at the top and tapering down to a delicate chin – resembles, as the name suggests, the shape of a heart.

Ryan Gosling

In this face shape, measurements typically decrease from the forehead to the cheekbones and then to the jaw, culminating in a relatively short face length. This unique structure gives the heart-shaped face its distinctive look and can guide hairstyle and accessory choices to enhance its natural charm.

8. The Triangle Face: Bold and Pronounced

Contrasting with the heart shape, the triangle face features a slimmer forehead and a wider, squarer jawline and chin. The hairline plays a significant role in defining this shape, often curving to a point and accentuating the triangular features.

Keith Urban
Keith Urban

Keith Urban is a celebrity known for his triangle-shaped face. If your facial measurements show a narrower forehead compared to a broader jawline, you likely possess a triangle-shaped face. This shape imparts a bold and pronounced look, offering various styling opportunities to accentuate or soften its angularity.

9. The Pear-Shaped Face: Unique and Curvaceous

The pear-shaped face is defined by a jawline that is wider than the hairline, with the chin tapering inward to create a pear-like silhouette. This face shape is marked by its wide jaw and distinct curves, offering a unique aesthetic appeal.

james corden

Those with a pear-shaped face, such as James Corden, often look for styling options that can balance the wider appearance of the jawline, creating a more harmonious and angular facial structure. When assessing your face shape, if you find that your jawline is broader than your forehead and your chin is smaller than both, it is likely that you have a pear-shaped face.

Recognizing the most common face shape among males, and exploring the spectrum from the ideal male face shape to the rarest forms, enhances our understanding of male aesthetics. This knowledge equips individuals to make informed choices about hairstyles, accessories, and even cosmetic procedures, tailoring their look to best suit their unique facial structure.

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