Nose piercing

Nose Piercing Advice: Aftercare, Pros And Cons

One of the oldest and the trendiest fashions are nose piercing.  Piercings have become a trendy way to show off personality and a sense of style among the younger generation. A nose piercing is an incision/hole made with the help of a needle in the cartilage or skin of your nasal area to wear jewelry. … Read more

Nose Plastic Surgery

Nose Plastic Surgery: Treatments and Procedures

A nose job is a procedure carried out on the nose to change its shape, size, improve its function, or enhance the nose’s appearance. The results are permanent. The procedure can be performed for medical reasons, such as to correct breathing problems, disfigurement resulting from trauma, or congenital abnormalities. It also can be done for … Read more

Nasal cartilage

Nasal Cartilage: Top 3 Reconstructive Procedures

A lot of things occur under the surface of the nose. The bone and cartilage give the nose most of its size and shape. Various other structures inside and behind the nose help you breathe. To be precise, the bone supports the nose bridge, the upper cartilage supports the side of the nose, and the … Read more

Guide to Contour and Highlight Different Nose Shapes

Contouring is an artistic creation of illusions to sculpt facial and body features. Honestly, nobody is perfect in all aspects. We may get away with chubby cheeks with a little blush, but it is not easy to hide an extra-long or a blunt nose. However, creating a shadow effect around the nose can help bring … Read more

nose job recovery

Rhinoplasty Recovery Done Right: Post-Op Advice You Need to Follow

While in many cases nose reshaping serves purely cosmetic purposes, the procedure can also be needed to correct birth defects or fix injuries. In this article, we explore the most important things to keep in mind both before and after undergoing this common plastic surgery procedure. Rhinoplasty Recovery: Quick Facts Although many patients experience a … Read more

Rhinoplasty Guide

Zwivel’s Complete Guide to Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty can help give facial features a more harmonious balance and enhance an individual’s natural beauty. It can also be performed to reconstruct and restore nasal functions. Here’s what you need to know about this common procedure before scheduling your first consultation with a plastic surgeon. A brief history of the nose job Rhinoplasty has … Read more

Rhinoplasty Recovery

All About Open Rhinoplasty: Techniques, Recovery and Scarring

Plastic surgeons have different opinions and preferences on the choice of open or closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty has maintained wide popularity among surgeons because it allows a clearer view of and access to the structures within the nose. However, some will argue that it involves a longer recovery time, visible scarring, and a greater potential … Read more