12 Great Gifts That Your Breast Cancer Warrior Will Appreciate

Breast Cancer Gifts
  • When a friend or family member is diagnosed with breast cancer, we often feel powerless about what to say or do.
  • Numerous studies have found that cancer survivors who have a vital emotional support system tend to adjust better to the disruption that cancer imposes upon their lives.
  • Don’t forget that the best gift of all is your time and unwavering support.

When a friend or family member is diagnosed with breast cancer, we often feel powerless about what we should say or do. However, if you remain focused on her needs and priorities, there are countless ways for you to demonstrate your unwavering support and concern.

Although she might not have an appetite for the lasagna you baked, your loved one will probably be grateful if you do her grocery shopping for her. And although she may not have the patience to hear about your troublesome teenager or the office politics at your job, she will be appreciative if you lend her a shoulder to both lean and cry on.

New York Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Psychotherapist Shannon Bradley explains that women battling breast cancer are commonly emotionally and physically exhausted. “Showing you care with the simplest gestures of listening, being present, preparing food or taking care of chores are in my opinion the greatest ways to show love.”

So, lavish the woman you care for with your unconditional support. And to emphasize just how important she is to you, here are 12 practical and heartfelt gifts that will convey both your compassion and commitment as it relates to her battle with breast cancer.

1. Electronic Book Reader

If your friend or family member is undergoing treatment from breast cancer, a Kindle reader makes an excellent gift. Reading is a fantastic coping mechanism that will help her to pass the time in waiting rooms.


And because a Kindle reader is lightweight and fits comfortably into a purse or bag, it is a thoughtful offering that underlines your commitment, concern, and support.

2. Planners

You can provide her with an added edge in her battle against breast cancer by helping her stay organized. Adhering to her physician’s plan of action will pay huge dividends with respect to her recovery.


That’s why a Cancer Planner is such an essential and thoughtful gift. It will help your loved one to stay on top of her prescription medicines, doctors’ appointments, treatments, and any other pertinent information she needs to have close at hand.

3. Heating pads

Help soothe the aches and pains that accompany her cancer treatment with a heating pad. She will definitely appreciate the relaxing warmth and stress relief that it provides.


A Fishbellies corn bag is an ideal heating source: after warming it in the microwave, she can drape it across her neck and shoulders and enjoy some lasting relief and warm, therapeutic relaxation. A large Fishbellies is 29 inches long and eight inches wide, ensuring maximum contact and relief.

4. Cosmetics

In 2012 Cynthia Besteman was diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s when she became concerned because many of the “natural” cosmetic products she was fond of contained parabens (preservatives that can upset the sensitive skin of patients undergoing cancer treatment) and chemical dyes.


As a consequence, she created the Violets Are Blue Beloved Skin Care line of cosmetics that features face and body lotions, cleansers, foot ointments, and lip balms — all designed specifically for women undergoing chemotherapy. These products help soothe dry skin without risk of irritation.

5. Bathrobe

She’s going to want a new bathrobe, especially if she’ll be spending a lot of time at home or in the hospital during recovery. That means a loose-fitting robe that she can slip in and out of easily. So consider a comfortable Terry-Cotton bathrobe that will provide her some spa-like comfort and warmth.

recovery robe

The Recovery Robe is a bra and robe combination that was created specifically for women dealing with a mastectomy, breast reconstruction, or breast augmentation. It contains numerous pockets built into the robe to hold post-op fluid drains and is designed to provide extra comfort and support during recovery.

6. Slippers

A lovely pair of slippers is another great gift that will be happily received and utilized.


Keep in mind that slippers that have non-slip soles, like Kozikicks, are a must while recovering in a hospital.

7. Scarves and Hats

One of the side-effects of cancer treatment is hair loss. To help your friend or family member cope with the disappearance of her mane, consider giving her a fashionable hat or scarf to help lessen any feelings of self-consciousness she might be struggling with.


The Park Avenue Luxury Bamboo Beanie Turban is designed for chemo patients. It is incredibly soft, and because bamboo rayon is antibacterial and naturally absorbs moisture, it is guaranteed to help her feel relaxed, confident, and comfortable regardless of the temperature or season.

8. Bras

The psychological pain that breast cancer can inflict upon your loved one as it relates to her femininity is what inspired Dana Donofree’s AnaOno line of bras.


Following Donofree’s breast cancer diagnosis, she created a line of bras specifically designed for the challenges that women who undergo breast cancer treatment face. They are stylish, delicate, and crafted to make a survivor feel feminine and sexy again. And as an added bonus, 5% of the proceeds are donated to the organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

9. Pajamas

Pajamas are a thoughtful gift that she’ll definitely appreciate. Whether she’s recovering in the hospital or at home, a cozy pair of pajamas is infinitely more attractive and comfortable than a hospital gown.


Bear in mind that when surgery is required, doctors recommend front-fastening PJs because they require less effort to put on and take off than pullovers. For ultimate comfort consider a pair of MyDream 100% cotton pajamas. They’re extra soft and comfortable.

10. Cookbooks

Your loved one will be grateful to receive cancer-inspired nutritional tips and tricks that can help her to overcome her illness. Jam-packed with great recipes and health tips that are vital for your breast cancer warrior, Kicking Cancer in the Kitchen by Kendall Scott and Annette Ramke is regarded as a cookbook Bible for anyone who has been dealt the cancer card. It contains more than 100 recipes, many of which aim at fighting cancer and providing soothing relief during treatment.


Another excellent option is Eating Well Through Cancer: Easy Recipes and Tips, by Holly Clegg. It provides nutritious food options that will help the woman you love temper common side effects associated with cancer treatments, such as nausea, neutropenia, and weight loss.

11. Herbal Teas

It might not be a gift that immediately springs to mind, but a gift of herbal teas demonstrates how concerned you are about her health and well-being. It is especially true given the fact that researchers at Aston University and Russells Hall Hospital in the United Kingdom have concluded that a particular extract from an ordinary herbal tea may halt the spread of breast cancer.


Organic fagonia cretica, a.k.a. virgin’s mantle tea, is used in parts of rural Pakistan to help people with breast cancer. So pick her up a box of virgin mantle’s tea. She’ll be glad that you did.

12. Ginger Candy

One of the unfortunate side effects of chemotherapy is nausea. Ginger has been used to treat nausea in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. That’s why Tummydrops make such a thoughtful gift.


They’re easy to carry around, taste great, and she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness whenever she experiences a bout of nausea.

In Closing

Bear in mind, numerous studies have found that cancer survivors who have a vital emotional support system tend to adjust better to the disruption cancer imposes upon their lives. So, by all means, shower your cancer warrior with gifts — but don’t forget that the best gift of all is your time and unwavering support.

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